I did it!

I survived a whole year of running a business and looking after a baby, who is now a toddler.  That is basically the main news.

Unlike the round-up of 2014 (which read like a tick box of amazing achievements:  Snowboarding, Strongfirst kettlebells, Quadrathlon of doom, Get pregnant).  Or last year’s round-up which was excusably low on content (a quarter of 2015 was spent heavily pregnant, another quarter was spent on maternity leave, and the second half was spent returning to work and learning how to juggle baby and business on a few hours sleep)…  The 2016 round-up isn’t quite as impressive as I had hoped.

I honestly thought that once Milo started nursery in March, I’d suddenly be able to do it all!  I’d make all the changes to the business that I dream of on a daily basis, I’d blog regularly, I’d ramp up my own workouts, I’d find a new luxury space from which to carry out all my training, oh and I’d be this amazing mum too, and take my boy to loads of groups on my days “off” and make up for the lack of entertainment he got when he was smaller.

You can probably guess how that worked out.   Turns out that running a full-time business with only part-time childcare is not all that easy.  Who knew?!  (Yeah, Ok, I knew too but you have to dream big, right)?   In fact, the reality is one with which I know many of you are sadly all too familiar:  That a working mum can never truly feel like she’s doing both bits well.

Every single day I feel like I am not present enough with my son, and equally absent from Lovefit.
But every single day I also know I couldn’t abandon either one of my babies.
And every single day I want to do more for Milo and for my clients.  And more for me, but that’s another story.

When I sat down to write this 2016 round-up, I actually thought it was going to consist solely of me apologising for my best not being good enough.  It was only when I started flicking through photos, emails, and private messages from clients that I realised that – in actual fact – 2016 has been a pretty good year for Lovefit.  So what has happened over the past 12 months?  Here goes:

  • 31 babies have been born from our Tuesday night pregnancy class in Milton.  THIRTY ONE!  That makes me incredibly happy.
  • Of my PT and bootcamp clients, one has lost 5.5 stone since April, three ran their first ever half-marathon, one got a place in next year’s London marathon, one did a half ironman, one became a qualified pilates instructor and another started her own business.
  • I attended a fantastic women’s health conference and am booked to do the same in April next year.
  • For the first time in several years I took a stall at a local wellness fair.
  • I co-hosted a charity bootcamp back in February with Charlie Wall of Cambridge bootcamps, raising almost £300 for Jack’s bedroom / wetroom.
  • I started up a postnatal specific “Tummy Time” class which has been full with a waiting list for the past few months.
  • My Monday night bootcamp became a kettlebell session and the ladies are loving that.
  • And finally, just a few weeks ago, we had the annual Christmas get together where we enjoyed eating, drinking and chatting together in proper clothes, wearing make-up and everything!

Here’s a little look at the year in pictures:

Pretty fun as it turns out!  Thank you all so much for being part of my year.  It has been challenging, busy, tiring but exciting.  There’s still a lot I’d like to improve in 2017, but I can only do that with your help, so speak up!

I wish all of you and your families are very happy new year and all the best for a splendid 2017.  Hope to see you on the other side.