In Part 2 of my Who Am I?  series, I alluded to a few things which perhaps you didn’t know about me.  That gave me the idea to write this post, with 10 fun facts about Amber.  The first three are the ones I touched on in part 2:

1) My former life as a thespian.
Drama was a huge part of my life for a very long time, and I miss it terribly.  At university, musicals were my thing and I even shared a stage with Eddie Redmayne on several occasions, as we acted together in 42nd Street, West Side Story and then did a fashion show together.  I also met my now husband, Martin, when we performed alongside one another in Much Ado About Nothing back in 2002.

2) I’ve (almost) always had really long hair.
Apart from the first few years of my life, and the past few years (having had it all hacked off into a long bob on New Year’s Eve 2013), I’ve always had waist length hair, or longer.  No real reason other than the fact that I am a) too lazy to have short hair which needs daily styling and b) my hair grows really fast.  I appear to have passed this gene onto my son, which explains why he is always being mistaken for a girl.

3) Dancing was my life for a very long time.
I started dance classes shortly after my second birthday, and what started out as just a bit of fun, quickly became a passion.  Throughout my school years, I danced several evenings a week, often at weekends too – and worked my way through all the ISTD grades in ballet, tap and modern dance, passing all but two of them with Honours (the highest pass). I’ve danced on West End stages, performed at sporting opening ceremonies and all sorts.  Nowadays, the closest I get is dancing around the house, but I still love to move and am always the first on the dance floor at any wedding.

Even happy to make a fool of myself on my own wedding day!

Even happy to make a fool of myself on my own wedding day!

Now for some new facts…

4) I have a terrible phobia of butterflies.
No joke.  Full disclosure.  I am completely mental!  ‘Nuff said.

5) I once rappelled down a 200 foot waterfall in Costa Rica.
This was brilliant fun!  Because abseiling isn’t scary enough, why not do it through a waterfall for extra adrenaline?  My husband is actually quite scared of heights and I recall that his knees were physically shaking, but he made it down and then I followed him, and loved every second!


Not flattering, but you get the idea!

6) Maths was always my strongest subject, but I ended up studying languages at Cambridge.
I have a head for figures, always have done.  When I get to the cashier at the supermarket, I know how much my shopping will be (give or take a few pence).  This isn’t even a conscious thing, just a weird phenomenon.  And I always remember phone numbers, car registration plates, birthdays and other dates.
Despite my rain woman tendencies, I applied to read languages at Cambridge.  I knew that Cambridge maths is one of the toughest degrees out there, and I wasn’t convinced I’d get in.  Anyway, my tactics worked and I was accepted onto the four year MML tripos, and spent my third year living and working in Frankfurt.

7) My celebrity crush is Will Smith.
Scientology bit aside, I just LOVE him.  I still maintain he is responsible for Milo arriving before I even finished working, because my labour started at the cinema, watching a Will Smith film.  Should have gone for something less likely to get the oxytocin flowing.  You live and you learn.

8) When I was 10 years old, I won a national painting competition judged by the late Tony Hart.
True fact.  The theme was “Spring into summer” and I won a weekend trip to Windsor for me and my family.  Funnily enough the main thing I remember about that trip was burning my arm on the towel rail, and my dad wandering around Winsdor late at night in search of Germolene.  Only to discover on his return that I already had some in my wash bag.

9) I have a really sweet tooth.
I love anything sweet:  Chocolate, puddings, ice cream, even dessert wine.  I really wish this weren’t the case but, alas, I am destined to wake up one morning and realise I have doubled my body weight.  Somehow I have managed to survive 36 years without any fillings.  Must be the electric toothbrush.

10) I got stung by a jellyfish…  On the mouth!
Whilst backpacking in South and Central America (summer 2003), I was unfortunate enough to experience the most painful 20 minutes of my life.  Snorkelling off Bocas del Toro, Panama, my mouth suddenly felt like it had been slashed with razors.  I had no idea what had happened and cut my toe open during the flap to get out of the water.  We were stranded for a couple of hours on an uninhabited island so had no medical access, just some bottled water, but thankfully the agony stopped relatively quickly.

Painful red moustache

Painful red moustache

So there you have it.  10 fun facts, that you probably didn’t know about me.  Hope you have found them enlightening!