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Hypopresive Technique

Hypopresive Technique

What are Hypopresives?

“Hypopresive” simply means “reduced” or “low” pressure.  So a hypopresive exercise is one which reduces intra-abdominal pressure.  Most physical activities increase intra-abdominal pressure (think running, skipping, crunching etc).  The technique involves various postures which automatically reduce intra-abdominal pressure.  Within each posture an apnea (breath hold) is performed and an involuntary contraction of the core muscles (pelvic floor, abdominals and so forth) is created by the nervous system (see photos to the right).  The focus is on creating a rhythm and moving seamlessly from one posture to another, without losing focus until you reach the end of the sequence.


What are the benefits of performing Hypopresives?

– Treatment / prevention of urinary incontinence.
– Treatment /prevention of hernias (inguinal, umbilical, disk).
– Treatment / prevention of organ prolapse (uterine, bladder, rectum).
– Improved sexual function.
– Toned abdominals and reduced waist size.
– Improved posture.
– Increased metabolism (BMR) by up to 15%.
– Quicker core recovery postpartum.


Who are Hypopresives suitable for?

Given the long list of benefits above, Hypopresives can be suitable for almost anyone.  The technique is particularly beneficial for postnatal women, anybody suffering from urinary incontinence and / or prolapse, or people who have had a hernia.

– Pregnancy
– Hypertension (high blood pressure)
– Hernia (until operated on)


What do I need to wear?

Comfortable trousers and a cropped top (women) or topless (men).  Hypopresives are performed barefoot and with all jewellery removed.


How many sessions do I need?

Usually the basic Hypopresive package consists of a total of 10-15 sessions. Typically I work with a client for 5 weeks, doing 1-2 x 30 min session each week (5 or 10 in total), although the initial session can be up to an hour long.  The client is then encouraged to practise alone for 20 minutes daily for a month to complete the reprogramming.  During this time I see you once weekly for 30 mins just to ensure adherence and check technique. We then have a final session to reassess.



Cost for the above packages is £350 for 10 sessions / £495 for 15 sessions.


In the above photo, the client lost 6kg in weight and 2″ off both waist and navel.


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