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Kinetic Chain Assessment

Got a niggling back problem, or an injury that just keeps coming back no matter what treatment you’ve had?  Thought so!  You’re not alone, and help is at hand!

What is the Kinetic Chain Assessment (KCA)?
The Kinetic Chain Assessment is the gold standard of assessment in the UK.  Your assessment will involve a detailed discussion of your current physical condition and daily routines, as well as a thorough analysis of your posture, gait and functional movement patterns.  These assessments will enable me to determine your muscle firing patterns and identify any imbalances.  Following your assessment you will receive a detailed report including my findings as well as prescribed excercises to address any weaknesses within your body.  Prepare to wave goodbye to long-suffering aches and pains.

Who should have the assessment?
Anyone and everyone!  Believe it or not, postural imbalances could be hampering your weight loss efforts, so don’t for one minute think that this assessment is only for people who want to stand up straight!  The KCA goes way beyond that and is essential for me to know how to best address your goals.  Even if your primary goal is fat-loss, throwing you into a gruelling intense workout will be of little use if your body is not functioning optimally first.  Correct the imbalances first, and the results will come thick and fast.
All new clients must have a KCA following their initial consultation.
Existing clients can request a KCA at any time.

What is the cost?
The Kinetic Chain Assessment is priced at £75 and is mandatory for all new 1-1 private clients wishing to work with me.

What do I need to wear?
Tight clothing is required for your KCA.  All tests will be performed bare-foot, but I will need to be able to see your knees and the outline of your body. Vests and shorts (or cropped leggings) are preferred.