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salad“You are what you eat”. It’s a well-used term, but without the right fuel, our bodies struggle to cope with life’s daily stresses and demands. In fact, really you are what you have eaten (and digested)!  Nutrition is the key to ensuring that your mind is focused, your energy levels stay high, and your body is healthy. We can help you select the right foods to maintain a stable, healthy weight and concentrate on which foods you should include in your diet, rather than simply telling you what to avoid.

At lovefit we will advise you on simple changes to your diet which will complement your training; gearing your body towards optimal health and performance.


Lovefit is proud to be working alongside Rick Miller, Clinical and Sports Dietitian for exclusive one-to-one nutrition consultations and bespoke dietary and supplementation plans. The right nutrition can be your medicine to help you look incredible, feel healthier and perform at your best.
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The Cleanse. Nutrition Plan

For maximum fat-loss and guaranteed results, I recommend all my clients follow my 28-day Cleanse.

You will be asked to omit all dairy, wheat, caffeine, sugar, alcohol and processed foods from your diet during this time. A different cleanse program is prescribed for women who are breast-feeding.

The fact is that you cannot out-train a bad diet!

Even with the best exercise program in the world, you won’t lose body fat and get that desirable body if you’re not eating right. Unfortunately there are a lot of “diet” myths out there and most people are badly informed about what is right and wrong.

I constantly strive to keep myself at the forefront of the latest nutritional knowledge and read around this subject a lot. I have trained with Dax Moy, the UK’s leading personal trainer and health coach, as well as teaming up with Rick Miller, Harley Street Dietician.