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Having a baby is one of the most wonderful times in a woman’s life, but nine months of pregnancy and the birthing process itself take a heavy toll on your body! With so many celebrity mums looking amazing just weeks after giving birth, it’s not surprising that women are desperate to get their figure back following the birth of their baby. However, launching straight back into your pre-pregnancy exercise routine can be detrimental to your health and even dangerous.

That’s why lovefit uses a series of postural and functional assessments specially designed for post-natal women. By combining specific techniques with correct eating habits, our clients can achieve effective weight loss, core restoration, pelvic floor function and overall fitness. We understand the time and financial constraints of childcare, so clients can bring their babies along to each session, regardless of location. Please note, however, that any time lost to disruptions, cannot be made up at the end of the session (due to other appointments being affected).

The “New Mum” Package could also be described as the “Eternity” package.  Tradition states that a woman should receive an eternity ring from her husband on the birth of their child.  But hey, if you already have the engagement ring and wedding band, why not ask for self care, instead of another piece of jewellery?

Whether you’re 6 weeks post natal or your baby is nearing his first birthday, lovefit can help you to restore your body safely and effectively.

I don’t believe in “getting your old body back” – bodies will be and should be different post-birth.  But I do believe in helping women to embrace their new, amazing (!) bodies, and ensuring that you are strong and functioning well for your role as a mother.





All class bookings and health screenings are now managed online via the this link: https://goteamup.com/p/1799591-lovefit/ You can join this class once you have had your 6-8 week GP check, or 10 weeks post c-section.


**Classes are every Wednesday (not just term time) 12-1pm @ Milton Community Centre**

– Recently had a baby, but unsure how best to start exercising again?
– Keen to get moving but concerned that things don’t quite feel the same?
– Unable to get to the gym because you have a baby to look after, right?!


This class is aimed at women in the earlier postnatal period (first year), and is a class for mums with their bubs in tow.  The class will be a gentle reintroduction to exercise, focusing on healing the core and pelvic floor, and gradually building up your strength.  This is the perfect class if you have a baby under 6 months / had pelvic floor or abdominal complications post birth / had a baby a while ago but need a gentler, holistic reintroduction to exercise.
Please note, mums will be made to feel comfortable to feed and attend to their babies needs throughout the class.  There are baby change facilities on site.


The class is suitable after you have had you 6-8 week GP check, or 10 weeks post caesarean.


NB: For those with older, more mobile babies, or those who are ready for a more vigorous workout, our WOW sessions (women’s outdoor workouts) would be perfect.  Click HERE for details.
[If you are <6 months postpartum, had an uncomplicated birth, quick recovery and prefer to exercise outdoors, you are welcome to join the WOW sessions without having first attended the tummy time class, but please do chat to me first].


I wanted to be able to provide a complete service for my clientele, with different classes to suit every stage of a woman’s life, and classes that naturally feed into one other so you can move seamlessly from one Lovefit offering to another 🙂  If you’re not sure which of our services is right for you, I am happy to advise you.


£69 for 6 classes (to be used within 8 weeks of your start date).


Please bring water, and somewhere comfortable for your baby to lie.  There is space for buggies, car seats or, ideally, for babies to lie at the end of your mat.  I advise bringing blankets so they have something soft to lie on, as it is a hard wood floor.




What if my baby cries?
Do not worry at all!  Babies cry, and we have all been there.  It is absolutely fine to feed your baby, change their nappies, and do whatever you need to do to comfort them.  Obviously I hope you are able to join in with as much of the class as possible, but – as is the way with young babies – do expect to be tending to your little one at some point.


When can I start?
You can join us once you have had you 6-8 week GP check if you’ve had a vaginal birth, or 10-12 weeks post c-section (so long as you have had GP clearance).


Will I be too unfit?
No!  This class is suitable for the early postnatal period and will be every gentle, focussing on regaining core strength and function, rather than working up a massive sweat.


I want to shift the baby weight.  Will this class be enough for that?
At the risk of sounding controversial, postnatal exercise should not be about getting your pre-baby body back.  Sorry!  It should be about getting your pelvic floor and core functioning well, so that you can perform all your mummy duties pain free, and avoid any embarrassing incontinence issues.  Launching into a vigorous exercise regime (no matter how fit you are or how smoothly your birth went) is not beneficial.  That’s why Tummy Time focuses on building the foundation first, and then you can “graduate” to our bootcamps later.
I’m not saying you won’t lose weight doing this class (no doubt you will), but weight loss is not the primary focus of these sessions.


Are there baby change facilities nearby?
Yes, right on site.


Can I come if my baby is older than 6 months?
Yes, of course.  We appreciate that some people might be returning to exercise later and need to work on the basics first, even if you had your baby 6 months, a year, or even longer ago.  However, if your little one is mobile, you might prefer to try and come alone so that you don’t spend the whole time trying to keep your baby from attempting to clamber over the tiny ones!


What if I miss a week?
It’s absolutely fine.  The classes do not run as pre-paid terms, and we understand that you might not be able to make every single week.  However, we do ask you to pay upfront for 6 classes (£69) and that these are used within 8 weeks of your start date.


What do I wear?
Just wear comfortable clothing you can move in. You don’t need a sports bra, so if you’re breastfeeding, it’s fine to wear whatever top you can easily feed in. Or a sports bra over a nursing bra if you need extra support.


What do I need to bring?
Water to keep you hydrated during class, and anything you need to keep baby as content as possible: A bottle if you’re bottle feeding, a blanket or playmat if they will likely lie in front of you while you exercise, toys, teething rings etc.


How do I join?
Please book your membership and complete the screening questions HERE. If you have any queries, drop me a line via the contact form on this website or by emailing info@lovefittraining.co.uk


1-1 PT clients will need to complete the below PARQ (health screening form), and send back to me when you first make contact. (Tummy Time clients will be screened online when you sign up and do not need to complete the below separately).

Click here to download your Postnatal PARQ