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Pregnancy and Birth Preparation

Photo: Sara Noel Photography

Photo: Sara Noel Photography

Whether you’re new to exercise or a seasoned athlete, staying fit and healthy whilst pregnant will go a long way towards making this exciting time as comfortable as possible.  We can’t guarantee a quick, pain-free labour but we can promise to help you feel stronger, have more energy and gain confidence with your ever-changing shape.

Gone are the days when putting your feet up was considered the best course of action.

Safely exercising through your pregnancy can have the following benefits:

  1. Quicker postnatal recovery and return to your pre-pregnancy body
  2. Stronger core and pelvic floor muscles to help support the weight of your baby
  3. Prevention of excess weight gain
  4. Reduction of common pregnancy ailments such as back pain, varicose veins, pelvic girdle pain, constipation, cramps, swelling, high blood pressure and gestational diabetes
  5. Better management of labour pain
  6. Improved circulation and blood flow
  7. Increased calcium absorption (prevent osteoporosis)
  8. Relaxation and “time-out” which can aid sleep
  9. Improved self-esteem and body-confidence
  10. Better mental well-being which can decrease the chance of postnatal depression
  11. Greater stamina to cope with demands of labour (and motherhood!)
  12. Postural correction (prevent muscles becoming tight or over-stretched)

Obviously pregnancy is not the time to start training for a marathon or even to try and improve your fitness levels, but it is the ideal time to put yourself first and make sure you’re in tip-top condition:  There are some physically challenging times ahead!

During the consultation your trainer will carry out a medical screening to obtain details about your pregnancy and current health.  Once you have the all-clear, we’ll put together a program which focuses on stretching and strengthening key muscles (including the all important pelvic floor), and tailor the exercises to your fitness level and interests.  The program will be adjusted as your pregnancy progresses and you will be closely monitored at all times.


Please ensure that you have GP / midwife clearance before commencing an exercise program when pregnant.




**Classes are every Tuesday (not just during term time) 7pm-8.15pm @ Milton Community Centre**

All class bookings and health screenings are now managed online via the this link: https://goteamup.com/p/1799591-lovefit/
You can join this class after your dating scan (usually around the 3 months mark), but please get in touch if you have any specific conditions or concerns.

Watch this video to learn more about our classes:

Are you pregnant but confused about what you should and shouldn’t be doing exercise-wise?
Unsure what’s best for you and baby?
Hesitant to do anything other than swimming and walking?
Worried about giving birth?

Our group classes will bust many pregnancy myths and help you to prepare for birth, motherhood and beyond. These classes will focus on educating participants, introducing you to other mums / mums-to-be, as well as aiming to keep your pregnancy as healthy and happy as possible.

Benefits of Lovefit pregnancy fitness classes include:

– Learning how to exercise safely throughout your pregnancy
– Better postpartum recovery
– Greater ability to cope with labour
– Prevention of excessive weight gain
– Reduction in fear surrounding the birthing process

A typical class will include:

MOBILITY AND RELEASES (to prevent and alleviate common pregnancy aches and pains).
STRENGTH (circuit based exercise to improve posture and fitness).
PELVIC FLOOR (but not as you know it).
NUTRITION ADVICE, Simple “homework”, and online support between classes.
– Tea and a chat at the end.

£75 for 6 weeks (to be used within 8 weeks of your start date).

You can join the class so long as you have had your dating scan (usually around 3 months), and need to buy the class membership HERE. You can then complete the health screening questions, and book into your classes online, all at that link. If you have any concerns or further questions, I am happy to do a telephone consultation before you join the class. Please get in touch via our contact form or by emailing info@lovefittraining.co.uk to request a telephone consultation. Otherwise you can go ahead and book online.


These classes are suitable from the second trimester onwards. During the main “exercise” component of the class, different options will be provided so that we tailor to your ability.

You can find lots of useful pregnancy videos on our YouTube channel “Lovefittraining” under our Healthy, Happy Pregnancy series.




If you are a PT (1-1) client, you will need to complete a PARQ (health screening form), and send back to me when you first make contact. (Class attendees will be screened online at the time of booking your membership, and do not need to download the below one separately).

Click here to download your Pregnancy PARQ