One year on: 3st lighter

“Hi Amber and happy new year! I’ve managed to find before and after photos showing my 3 stone weight loss due to your great work at bootcamp.

I’d just like to say a huge thank you to you and Bettina for all the great teaching and support throughout 2015. I’ve become a healthier, fitter person after attending bootcamp twice a week for a year and hope to continue this in 2016.

The support from fellow bootcampers has been great and I’ve become a more confident person. I’ve never felt intimidated by anyone at the sessions and always had help and advice when I’ve needed it.

A big thank you again to all at Lovefit bootcamps. I couldn’t have done it without you.” Rachel Bootcamper (2015)


Online journey

“I never considered that I had a particularly unhealthy diet until I first started to eat clean for the 4WFA but we definitely eat a wider range of foods, almost exclusively home-made and from scratch which I have really enjoyed both preparing and eating!!
I had forgotten the effectiveness of the short sharp exercise routines- I will admit on a few (early) occasions I read the daily workout sessions and thought “that sounds easy enough” only to be struggling mere seconds into the workout!! I’m a regular gym goer and am still amazed at how I have been floored by some of these routines
Eating clean is now a way of life for me (with the odd indulgence) but I will definitely be sticking with the addition of short intense workouts to my routine.

I’d lost 10kg already before I did 4WFA and to date I’m a total of 20kg (44lb) down.Total inch loss of 15.75″ (39cm) since 4WFA – I just wish I’d taken pics and measurements at the very start of my transformation!!!   I’m so grateful to you and your plan for helping to achieve my goals!”  Client wanted to remain Anonymous Four Week Fat Attacker and January Challenge online client

Before (left) and after (right)

“I started working with Amber in spring this year, as I wanted to look my best for my daughter’s wedding in September. I had hit a low point and needed inspiration and help. Amber provided both! My weight loss was kick started with the ‘clean’ eating plan and tailored exercise program from Amber. I have lost more than 21 inches from all over my body, dropping from a size 18 to a 14. I’ve lost almost 2 stone, although as I have learned from Amber, I am no longer a slave to the scale! I get my best feedback from the drop in dress size, compliments from friends and family and – most importantly, seeing myself as strong and attractive again! Thank you so much Amber for your expertise, patience and encouragement, especially when I was ill and keeping me on track throughout!” Ali Distance Coaching Client (2012)

“After many half-hearted attempts at various diets and non-sustainable efforts at exercise, I thought I was stuck with my weight and shape. Then I was pointed in the direction of Amber’s website. With my wedding six months away, I knew I had to do something. I was thrilled then, to discover that Amber doesn’t put you on a diet or deny you food, or set you on a calorie counting mode. Instead, she has shown me a whole new lifestyle of regular exercise and great, fresh, energising food! I embraced this and lost over a stone, a couple of dress sizes and multiple inches by embracing clean eating and short sharp exercise routines. Amber was incredibly supportive and always there to answer questions. She gave me routines that I could easily fit into my odd working schedule and I’m feeling fitter, firmer and more energetic than I have done in years. Most importantly of all for me, she achieved what I thought was impossible and managed to get my arms looking svelte in time for my wedding and banished the bingo wings!! Thanks so much Amber!” LB Distant Coaching Client (2012).

“Amber helped me in the run up to my wedding to lose weight, tone up, eat healthily and get prepared!  She did this remotely as I was living in Singapore and Australia.  Amber was excellent at really listening to my needs and schedule and building a tailor-made programme around my hectic, unusual work schedule.  She was also fantastic in helping me to build up to having a 100% clean-month nutritionally in the month immediately before my wedding.  We checked in every week on Skype for measurements and to discuss the plan for the next week.  However, she was always available via email for any questions I had during the week.  I was very pleased with the results.  This form of training is great if you can’t get to a gym and are self-motivated to carry out workouts under the excellent guidance of Amber.  Thanks Amber!”  Tara (31), Distance Coaching Client.  She dropped 3″ off her waist and 3.5″ off her navel in 8 weeks.

“Bootcamp was such a great way of getting out of the house and getting back into shape, I really do owe you great thanks for the opportunity to meet other mums and working up some sweat at the same time!” Sara

“Dear Amber, Just a note to thank you for all your work and advice on my behalf since January. I am myself in no doubt, and others are willing to confirm, that I feel a great deal healthier and stronger than when we began – possibly close to where I was the day before my pulmonary embolism in late May 2011. I certainly intend to keep all this up, and look forward to resuming in October.”  Peter, August 2012

“I have really enjoyed the winter sessions, they have not only helped me lose weight (8kg) and get fit but psychologically they made all the difference when I was ill. Many thanks for an excellent programme.” Diana

“Thank you so much for the training sessions you did with me and Emily. They were great fun and you motivated us beautifully, even on chilly Monday evenings when in truth it was probably the last thing we wanted to do. It was great to see Emily get stronger especially in her core muscles which will be so important as she gets older. You were always enthusiastic and kept us going through the work outs with lots of encouragement and positivity as well as recognising those exercises that weren’t our ‘favourites’. I enjoyed my Wednesday mornings too and you definitely helped with my special dress challenge. I enjoyed the boxing very much, missed my vocation maybe!” Nicola & Emily

“After a difficult pregnancy and a caesarean section I ended up gaining more weight than I’d hoped. Amber helped me set and reach realistic but challenging targets. The sessions were both fun and increased in difficulty at the right times. She understood where my post pregnancy body was at and by the end [of the 16 week “New Mum” package] I feel great both in body and mind.” Liz

“I’ve joined the gym countless times over the years and it has always been a complete waste of money as motivation wanes and I continue paying and not going! My husband and I started seeing Amber May 2009 and over the year she has successfully cemented fitness into our lives – it’s now something we really enjoy and couldn’t do without. We both run every other day and also do free weights and core strength training. We both feel fitter and healthier than we have for years and have lost over 4 stone between us! Amber is always full of enthusiasm and tries to vary the programme and ensures it fits in with your lifestyle. Most importantly for me she taught me that I could fit training in, even with young children and work, and that 20 minutes of the right kind of training can be enough to get results.” Alex

“I have spent the last three months working with Amber. Before my sessions with her I felt unfit, tired and my clothes were feeling a little on the tight side. Having now completed 12 sessions, I have lost 2” off my waist, 1” off my belly and 2.5” off my hips – those clothes that were feeling tight are now falling off me! My general overall fitness and flexibility have also improved greatly. I can now touch the floor with my fingertips from a standing position (having only been able to reach 6” off the floor in my first session!) Thanks Amber for your help, support and professionalism.” Alice

“I went to see Amber in preparation for my wedding, I had 6 months to get as fit and toned as I could. She was truly fab, she got my head down when I needed it most, every session was different. I always looked forward to it every week, and that’s amazing for me to say! Amber is such a lovely, friendly person, and will help you achieve what you want to achieve in a very efficient way. I’ve never enjoyed the ‘gym’ so much! Highly recommended, will definitely be back!!” Sam

“After hearing far too much moaning about my weight and not having the confidence to go to the gym, my husband found Amber’s number for me. After two months I had lost 1st 10lb and my fitness level is so much better. Amber worked out a fitness routine that changed frequently, and her friendly and encouraging way helped me enormously to gain confidence. When I thought I couldn’t, Amber assured me that I could – and I did!! She worked out a sensible program that I could follow at home, with sensible eating tips worked around my normal diet. I now have the confidence to go to the gym, play badminton with my son and generally enjoy fitness. A month on and I have now lost 2st 2lb, have dropped two dress sizes and exercise several times a week – thanks Amber!” Sarah

“I’d put on a bit of weight after my first child, a bit more after my second and a bit more again after my third. I’d gone from a size 10 to a size 14/16 and put on three and a half stone. On my 40th birthday, when I looked at the photos from my party, I wasn’t happy – I was getting quite fat and had to do something. I had tried diets in the past and bought nearly every fitness DVD going, nothing seemed to work. To be honest, I wasn’t sure a personal trainer would work, but I met Amber and she was so friendly and encouraging that I had a go and have kept going and going and going… Somehow she even seems to help me work out and eat sensibly between sessions. I am now a size 10, a lot fitter and so much more confident. Thank you Amber.” Sarah

“Thanks so much for being my personal trainer these past 6 weeks. I’ve enjoyed our sessions so much (and your circuits class) – I can’t believe my fitness improved that much in such a short space of time!” Gemma

“I’m a student in Cambridge and for my birthday I was given a term’s worth of training sessions with Amber. No present has ever made me feel better! In two months my fitness level shot up and (some, if not all) my excess weight fell away. Getting fit and losing weight is hard work but with the varied programme that Amber wrote for me it was great fun too. It was so successful and enjoyable that I’m now training for a half-marathon. So if you’re wondering what to get someone for Christmas or their birthday, or just want to treat yourself… you know who to ask!” Rachelle

“I put on a stone or two after giving up smoking about 10 years ago, and have always blamed that for my general unfitness and the fact that I’ve probably been overweight ever since. I’ve never had the motivation to exercise, and being in a desk-job was generally inactive and lethargic a lot of the time. Since starting training with Amber in May ‘09 I’ve shifted a stone and a half in three months, now enjoy running, and just signed up for a 10k run next year. The first time I went for a run I got about one mile before I had to stop and walk, now I’m running a couple of times a week for up to 8 miles. I really enjoy the sessions and love the fact that I am feeling and looking healthier. Overall it’s a lifestyle change that I couldn’t have made or maintained on my own, and even now I’m around my target weight I’m certainly continuing with the training. The only downside is I’ve had to buy a whole new wardrobe….” Pete

“Just a line to say thank you so much for your help. I was expecting to walk some of Race for Life and was hoping to do it in about 45 minutes. I ran it all and did it in 30 minutes. I am really, really pleased. I really enjoyed it. I feel that you helped me achieve this. I have just signed up for The Great Cambridgeshire Run in September and I think I might even do the Race for Life 10k!!! Many, many thanks.” Debbie

“Amber is enthusiastic and encouraging, and varies the training sessions so you keep interested and challenged. She advises on making manageable and enjoyable changes to your lifestyle to help your build on what you do in the sessions, and aims to make fitness fun and habit-forming. Thoroughly recommended.”  Dominie

“Having always been a fit and active person, the prospect of starting a family was very exciting BUT the thought of losing all that baby weight filled me with horror. How would I get my pre pregnancy figure back ?  After an initial consultation with Amber, my confidence started to grow and I felt reassured that my new body shape would eventually return to normal.  With Amber’s care, professionalism, and enthusiasm I embarked on a course of training sessions. At first the exercises were very gentle, Amber took great care to make sure my core muscles ( which had all been moved and stretched while pregnant) were getting stronger and improving before moving onto the next level of exercise.  I began training 10 weeks after giving birth and after just five weeks of training I was back in my size 8 jeans, and back in shape for a skiing holiday four weeks later.  Over the course of my 10 week training program I lost 7.5lb weight, as well as losing 4cm round my waist and 3cm from my hips.  I enjoyed every training session, knowing I was getting a step closer to my pre pregnancy weight. I have now resumed all my walking, trekking, and climbing activities 5 months after Elliott arrived and Amber is helping me to train for a National 3 peak challenge.  I could not have done it without her knowledge, motivation and ambition to suceed.”  Vicki

“I have tried before to increase my general health and fitness but Amber has actually helped me to achieve this in a down to earth, friendly, professional way.  After my first eight weeks I lost 2cm off my waist.  Many gyms can feel impersonal but training in the privacy of the LoveFit gym is fantastic, varied and for the first time I’ve actually enjoyed exercising.”  Nikki

“My daughters living in Australia surprised me with a wonderful gift: Getting fit before my middle daughters wedding. I just wanted to say I have had the best few months training with Amber. She is totally professional and knowledgeable. In an hours training, Amber always puts her heart and soul into the teaching and varies each session with a range of different exercises. After each session I feel energised and really feel far better to the point that I want to keep exercising daily. I also became more aware of my eating habits. I feel stronger physically and although I have a knee injury, Amber has improved my mobility considerably.  I would highly recommend Amber to anyone wanting to keep fit and healthy. Amber gives non judgemental, individual attention with warmth and friendliness in a wonderful environment.”  Pam

“Your running tips have worked a treat. Beat my personal best today by 13 seconds so thank you very much!”  Penelope

“I thought the personal training session [was] excellent…exactly the type of thing I was looking for.”  Chris