If you’re already feeling the festive pressure, here’s my guide to keeping in tip top shape (without being a party pooper).

1. Start now! 
Get going on your goals for 2013. Yes, seriously.   Why wait?  You should have received my last email about taking action on your new years resolutions.  Have you done anything yet?  If your plan is to take up a new hobby, start doing some research now.  If it’s some kind of course you want to start, you stand a better chance of getting enrolled for January if you organise things now.  Decided to enter your first 10k race next year?  Then get out now… There’s no better feeling than being outside on a crisp, sunny morning.

2. Get metabolic!
By this I mean short, intense workouts to ramp up your metabolism.   Metabolic conditioning is both highly effective for fat burn and super time efficient – the perfect combo for the festive season when there’s plenty of fat to burn (no offence!) and very little free time.   Compound (total body) exercises are most effective.  One of my favourite short workouts is to do 5 rounds of 10 burpees / 10 press ups.  Give it a try 🙂

3. Go green!
Ok so a few glasses of fizz and the odd slice of chocolate yule log are inevitable, but make sure you’re also putting plenty of goodness into your body.  Eat plenty of greens to aid liver function.  I love a good old spinach omelette for breakfast, and even on Christmas day itself you can enjoy some sprouts and broccoli.

4. Drive.
Not every time, but if you have lots parties to go to, why not offer to be designated driver once or twice?  Give yourself a booze free weekend (there are three more between now and xmas) and let your liver have a breather. Plus your friends will owe you big time if you play taxi!

5. Avoid seduction!
No I’m not talking about lecherous drunk colleagues at the office party…  I’m referring to those tempting offers that line the supermarket shelves.  You know the ones: Buy one massive tin of chocolates, get another one free / 3 for the price of 2 on mince pies / £1 off selected cheeses.   Now, before you accuse me of being a bore, let it be known that I shall almost certainly enjoy a few choccies, a mince pie and a chunk of cheese over Christmas.  BUT – beware of the special offers, especially when there’s still more than a fortnight until the big day. Clearly bargains like BOGOF and 3 for 2 are great if you have an army to feed, but do two of you really need 18 mince pies?  All I’m saying is buy what you need and don’t be fooled by seemingly good value for money.