Valentines raw chocs

We all love chocolate, right?  But it’s one of those things we know full well is really not very good for us… all that refined sugar, milk powders and preservatives.  Well move over Cadburys and make way for raw chocolate – no wheat, sugar, dairy – all you need is:

Cacao Butter
Vanilla extract
100% maple syrup (or good quality agave / honey / stevia)
Raw Cacao Powder

If you’re not familiar with your local health food shop then you’ll find these ingredients online either on Amazon or somewhere like DetoxYourWorld.


Ok, so there are two ways to make basic raw chocolate. The first is the proper way, and this recipe is from Cambridge SuperFoods and gives you the nice shiny chocolates.  The second is the pressed-for-time version which tastes just as good but doesn’t look so pretty.

The base recipes are below. But to make the hazlenut choc brittle and the peanut butter cups I have been sharing with my clients and Bootcampers today (see photos above) you do the following:

Hazlenut version:
Make the raw choc base (see below), whizz up a bunch of hazelnuts – or any nuts – in a blender until they’re in small chunks. Add the nuts to the raw choc molten mix. Line a shallow dish with cling film, pour nutty choc mix in and pop into the freezer. It sets pretty quickly (but try leaving at least 1 hour). Remove from freezer, pull cling film away and cut / smash into pieces. Store in fridge if not consuming the whole lot!

Peanut butter cups:
Line some moulds (rubber ice trays work well) with a small dollop of clean peanut butter – I use Suma organic unsalted. Make the raw choc base (see below). Spoon the raw choc mix over the peanut butter until it’s covered. Pop into the freezer (as above).

Raw choc basic recipe:

1)  Proper version:
Make a Bain Marie (put a large bowl into a saucepan of hot water) and in it warm 100g of cacao butter and 1 large tablespoon of agave syrup and heat very gently on a hob or in a dehydrator if you have one.

Once they are completely liquid add 30g of raw cacao powder, 20g of raw carob powder and a level teaspoon of vanilla. Stir very quickly so all the powdered lumps disappear whilst the liquid is warm.

Once the ingredients have properly combined put your bowl containing the chocolate into an ice bath (in another large saucepan or larger bowl). Again stir the mixture very quickly and it will thicken up. Once it is looking thicker repeat the warming process by putting the bowl back into the hot Bain Marie.

This process of warm-cold-warm is called tempering and will give your raw the shiny and smooth consistency of commercial chocolates.

Now pour your chocolates into moulds (these can be bought cheaply off amazon) and set for around an hour

2) Quick version! NB: I don’t use specific amounts, I just go by eyesight…
Melt a knob of raw cacao butter in a pan (this is quite pricy, so you can use a big spoonful of coconut oil instead). Once melted add a drop of pure vanilla extract, a quick squeeze of 100% maple syrup (or honey / or stevia / or agave – but use agave very sparingly due to high fructose content). Then add a big spoon of raw cacao powder and mix well. I usually use a little carob powder too if I have some kicking about. So basically – melt, mix everything, shove in a mould and into freezer. Takes a few mins start to finish (except the washing up).

Enjoy 🙂