Ok there was only one purple helmet, but there was a LOT of yellow food.  Perhaps some of it could have passed for beige or brown… You get the picture.

I am, of course, referring to my recent trip to the French alps.  A week of snowboarding, staying in a fully catered chalet with more carbs than my body has ever consumed.  You might think that I’d be grateful for the extra sustenance, what with all that physical activity and the chilly temperatures.  But believe me I have never been so excited to see a vegetable as a I was on the last night of our stay!  (I think the feedback forms from the previous evening had been noted).

This isn’t some kind of pathetic attempt to sound virtuous in front of all my followers.  I’ll hold my hands up and confess to the fact that I was always the first person to dive into the afternoon tea (read “big fat cake”) supplied every afternoon.  But no matter how sweet a tooth you have, there is something fundamentally wrong with a plate that consists entirely of yellow food.  I guess I should be grateful that it wasn’t yellow snow. Anyway…

This topic has come up a fair bit in my January online support group.  I’ve been trying to explain that carbs are not the enemy at all, and in many cases they are absolutely vital (especially for anyone who does a lot of endurance training, as well as people who suffer from depression).  But it’s all about the quality of the carbs.

Rather than heaps of refined, processed yellow food (croissants, baguette, mashed potato, cereal), look to other sources:  Rice, sweet potato, root vegetables, and greens!  Yes, vegetables are an important source of carbohydrate too, so make sure ALL meals have a decent portion of veg included.  My feeling is that every plate should be colourful – the more variety the better.

If you struggle to come up with fresh ideas then the Lovefit cookbook (ebook) could be just the ticket.  I think I might send a copy to the chalet girls!


Sporting the purple helmet

Sporting the purple helmet

And as for the purple helmet…  It wasn’t just to grab your attention.  I really do have a purple helmet.  And the only reason I made mention of it here was to urge anyone heading off to the slopes to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE wear one.  It doesn’t have to be purple, incidentally.  But please do away with the bobble hat and invest in protecting your head.  I shan’t bore you with the details, but mine probably saved my life.  I had a pretty bad fall (imagine me catching a back edge and catapulting myself several metres through the air, backwards, and the first point of contact with the ice was the back of my head).  ‘Nuff said.

Just a little health and safety note to finish on. Stay safe!