Well that’s January over!  How was it for you?

I think we’re pre-programmed to assess the start of a new year.  Did we keep those new years resolutions?  Did we lose that weight we set out to?  Did we get to the gym three times a week?

Inevitably the answer is a resounding NO.  

January is a pretty miserable month here in the UK, especially with all the rain we’ve been having lately.  (If you’re one of my far flung subscribers and reading this in 30 degree heat then please keep that to yourself)!  It can be really, really hard to stay motivated when all you want to do is hibernate.  So we end up feeling horribly guilty, as if we have somehow failed ourselves.

To which I simply say:

Never feel guilty for any of your actions.  (Unless, of course, you actually did something illegal)!

If you choose to take a slice of birthday cake at a party… Enjoy it.

If you choose to skip a workout because you didn’t fancy going out in the cold… That’s OK.

If you choose to stay in bed for an extra hour when you’ve got a huge to do list… Relish those 60 minutes of sleep.

You always have a choice.  Fretting that you made the wrong one is not helpful.  It creates more stress and often results in poor coping mechanisms.

I am sharing this because I am hugely GUILTY (see what I did there?!) of this myself.  Always reliving past choices, and worrying about how they might impact the future.  I am working on trying to just accept my actions and doing what feels right. And already it’s making a difference to how I feel.

So do what feels right. Do what makes you happy NOW.  If that happens to involve using the services of one of our Lovefit coaches, then great, get in touch.  If it involves a midnight skinny dip and a trip to the kebab van then count me out.  But have a blast!