I thought that my husband, Martin, and I had bored everyone to tears already with talk of our epic quadrathlon in a month’s time. (If you have been, then stop reading now).

But following various comments from people recently, it seems we perhaps haven’t actually conveyed things properly. So it’s time to explain…

In the past week I have been asked:

– “Oh, so the swim isn’t in a pool then?” (Nope, it’s in a freezing cold loch that’s 150m deep)!

– “Is it the Cambridge triathlon you’re doing?” (Nope, we’re travelling to the Scottish Highlands to do the Artemis Kindrochit quadrathlon on July 12th).

– “So are you just practising hills to get faster, or do you actually have to do some hills in your event?” (Erm, the “on foot” section of the event involves scaling SEVEN munros i.e. mountains over 1,000m high, so yup, we have to do some hills. One of them is the UK’s 10th highest mountain. Joy).

So if you’re the kind of person who has been inundated, as I have, with sponsorship requests this year, but you are happy to donate a few £ to the really worthy efforts, be that the charities involved or the scale of the event, then this would be a really good one to jump on board with.

I know I am biased, but even if you just sponsor the fact that we are training really hard for this and that we are sacrificing a heck of a lot to make that happen!

Or you might think that the event itself (likely to take us around 15 hours to complete) really is tough enough to dig deep for. Here’s a reminder of what we have to do on Saturday 12th July:
– Swim 1.4k across loch tay
– walk / run approx 24k across seven munros (mountains 1,000m+)
– kayak (wtf?!) 11k back along part of the loch
– cycle 54k
– slice a watermelon in half with a sword to stop the clock (fo’ real)!

Not as mental as an ironman but mental enough for somebody who, until recently, thought that a 5k run constituted endurance training. (Just because I operate a health and fitness business doesn’t mean I train for endurance… my strength has always been well… strength)!

And finally, the two charities we are raising money for are simply brilliant. Mary’s meals operate school feeding projects in the world’s poorest communities (http://www.marysmeals.org.uk/) and Mercy Corps help to rebuild communities in places that have suffered natural disaster or war (http://www.mercycorps.org.uk/).

Just four weeks out we are a loooooong way off our target. We have to raise at least £900 to compete, so any shortfall will come out of our pockets (on top of what we have already paid for entry, bike servicing and kit, wetsuits, googles, accommodation, travel, nutrition supplements, swimming lessons / sessions, fell running shoes, maps, whistles…. The list goes on. Not to mention our ever increasing weekly food shop – this training makes you ravenous)! Sure we are saving money on booze right now, but so far we are on approx £1,500 expenditure, so we’d really like to hit that £900 target with kind donations from you lovely chaps if possible.

If you would like to sponsor us, even just £1, then you can do it here:


Thank you for reading