Random thought for the day…

You often hear people saying “life is too short” and “live each day as if it were your last!”

I disagree.  For most people, life is actually really, really long.  We are very lucky to have the gift of time.

Let’s be honest, if today were your last day, you’d probably do something out of the ordinary: Perhaps you’d eat as much of your favourite thing as you could possibly manage, maybe you’d get a fast car and drive it at top speed, or go on a special day out with you loved ones, packing in as much fun as you could.  You might tell your work colleagues what you really think of them, and you’d almost certainly ditch your workout

The point is, if you lived every day like that you’d get sick, arrested, burnt out or sacked!

Surely it’s better to say “live every day as if you had to live that same day over and over for the rest of your life” – like Groundhog day.  Because in essence we do the same thing over and over, day in day out, and if you’re toiling away with the hope of things magically going to change at some point in the future, then you’ll be sadly disappointed.

So what would your groundhog day look like? I mean honestly, on the assumption you had to do the same thing on repeat for at least the next 20 years, perhaps 60 years!  Think about it, then start to take action on the things that build THAT life, that perfect day.