It’s that time of year when most of you will be finishing up with work, your fitness classes are taking a break, and your fridge and pantry look rather indulgent.  So in case you need a little bit of festive inspiration to keep you going over the next fortnight, I thought I’d share this workout with you.  Because I’m kind (or not, some might argue)!

You can either do this once through or as a full workout, accumulator stylee.

Once through (which takes only a few minutes) is perfect if you’re short on time but feel the need to move! It’s a great thing to do in the morning before any festive eating, as it’s a great fat-burner of a workout and will ramp up your metabolism. So how about trying to run through the below, top to bottom, every day between now and the new year?

Alternatively, as an accumulator (which will likely take a good half hour, give or take), just sing the song “The 12 days of Christmas” and it should make sense….

“On the first day of xmas, Lovefit gave to me 1 front get down yippee. On the second day of xmas Lovefit gave to me 2 burpees and one front get down yipee. On the third day of xmas Lovefit gave to me 3 plank builders, 2 burpees….” You get the idea!  Here it is:


1 front get down
2 burpees
3 plank builders
4 jump lunges (1-1)
5 full sit ups
6 back extension
7 side to side lunges (1-1)
8 renegade rows (1-1)
9 bridges
10 rocking planks
11 squat jumps
12 mountain climbers (1-1)

If you’re unsure about any of the exercises on here, you’ll find most bodyweight exercises on my YouTube channel.  Enjoy!