On Christmas Day my mother-in-law was very excited to inform us that she had purchased a Waitrose Heston’s Hidden Orange Christmas pudding.  Apparently the previous year there was so much hype surrounding this pudding, that Waitrose had sold out and people were bidding for them on eBay at a massive mark-up:  Some sold for as much as £250!

Flaming lovely!

Flaming lovely!

Whilst I am certainly not adverse to a Christmas pudding, it wouldn’t usually be my first choice.  But with only four of us round the table it was Heston or nothing, so I gladly accepted a portion.

O.M.G!  It was delicious.  I mean, truly scrumptious (do people still use that word?), the BEST Christmas pudding I have ever tasted.  Now I’m not sure that any of us would have paid £250 for one, but I enjoyed every last mouthful.

Why am I telling you this when this is supposed to be a health and fitness page?  Because in my next blog, I’ll be writing about what “healthy eating” really means, and the bottom line is that it all comes down to eating well for life, and making choices that both nourish your body but also make you happy.  The Heston pud probably wasn’t the most nutritious thing I’ve ever eaten, but it was certainly pleasurable.

So make sure that whatever choices you make, you feel good about them.  I’ll explain more next time.