Aside from the fact that Friday is my sacred day with the small boy, and hence not a day for emailing, there are a number of reasons you didn’t hear from me yesterday with a “one time only” special offer:
  1. You probably didn’t need any extra emails yesterday!  If your inbox was anything like mine, it was filled with offer upon offer from pretty much every single website you have ever visited.  The chances of my email being deleted would have been significantly higher if I’d sent it 24 hours earlier.
  2. I live in England!!!  What is with the surge in Black Friday madness here in the U.K?  I am all for my American friends and followers doing their thing, but I genuinely can’t understand why all U.K. retailers now bombard us with deals when we don’t even celebrate Thanksgiving.  Probably just an excuse to drive pre-Christmas sales, but I’m not really a fan if I’m honest.
  3. Nobody wants to get fit and healthy before Christmas, right?  OK, that’s a joke.  With less than four weeks to go and the festive season about to propel into full swing, sure it’s a time when most people over-indulge, but I think that’s all the more reason to invest in a little damage limitation.  But the REAL reason there wasn’t a Lovefit Black Friday deal is because…
  4. I truly believe I already offer a great deal.  I find it a bit strange blowing my own trumpet, but people constantly tell me that I offer a hugely beneficial service, I know how much I have invested (mentally, physically and financially) over the years, and even some of my existing clients have told me that they think I should charge more!  So the last thing I was going to do was discount my services, especially when I have a ton of FREE stuff available to help you all:
    – How to stay healthy and happy this winter:  10 days to beat the blues.
    – The things all pregnant women need to know.
    – Healthy Happy Pregnancy video series.
    – Healthy Happy Mummies postnatal video series.
All that being said, I do have a deal for you.  And it’s a very simple deal:  I’ll continue to send over my pearls of wisdom (!) if you promise me you’ll do something today that makes you feel good.  Black Friday is over and it is time for SUPER SATURDAY!  Your Super Saturday could involve going out for a walk, snuggling in front of your favourite film, baking with your kids, or even heading to the pub – who am I to judge!  So follow my lead – I’m about to log off and then go have some fun.  Deal?