Tears of joy, of course – but it still felt odd to be the instigator of such an emotional outburst!

Let me rewind a bit…

Lately I’ve been thinking a LOT about my business. The reason you haven’t heard from me via this newsletter for a while is not because I got scared to hit send after the GDPR deadline passed (!), but because I have been immersed in a remodel of Lovefit: New website (still not finished, but very close), new class membership and booking system (now live and working well), pricing structure revamp, and a whole lot of soul-searching.

I’ll be completely honest with you: I often have massive self doubt about the work I do. Not in terms of confidence in my ability to do the job, more an uneasiness about whether I should be throwing so much of my (at times very limited) energy into my work, rather than focussing on my child, husband, family and friends.

I know, I know, it’s an age old dilemma, and I’m not about to start a debate on paid employment vs SAHM, but I’ve been increasingly aware that I stay up very late every night doing admin, devote large chunks of my weekend to further work, and hardly ever get proper family time. And that has been making me deeply sad for a long time.

This year I realised something had to change before I ended up in a place I don’t ever want to go back to. I considered giving it all up. A decade of Lovefit is not to be sniffed at, after all! But after attending a women’s wellness conference, working with a coach, and following an intensive business mentorship programme, it dawned on me that – for all the stress it might bring me at times – my work is a huge part of my sanity. YOU all lift me up. You really do. So after 3+ years of putting it off, I embarked on having my website completely redone, totally changing my class booking process, and making some big changes to how I work. I’m also having some major house renovations done, which will start next month.

The aim with all of this is to provide a better service to you, through reducing my admin time, and enabling myself to add more value to my current offerings. I don’t want to take on more clients or teach additional classes – I already work too many hours in any given week. But I do want my clients to feel like I am offering the gold standard in women’s fitness, and lately I have had times of feeling like I just have nothing left to give. I am so chronically tired, from a combination of non-sleeping child and my self-imposed late bedtimes. Yet my head is brimming with ideas about things I want to bring to you: Workshops, courses, bonuses to existing classes, retreats… The list goes on!

So how does this link in with my client in tears last week?

Because that moment when she burst into tears and uttered “thank you, it just feels so good to be doing this” was a genuinely pivotal moment in my career. This sounds cliched and gushy as hell, but right then, perched next to her, I knew in my heart that the work I do is beyond important. It’s crucial. And if I can give even just a handful more women the same sense of worth as she rediscovered, then it’s all worth it. I’m not going to go into her story; it’s not mine to share, but needless to say – I truly felt like I helped to change her life that day.

My work with women is not about getting people into their skinny jeans. It’s about getting you back in love with your body at whatever life stage you’re at. Helping you to feel strong, in control, and to celebrate your achievements along the way.
Pregnant bodies are beautiful, and don’t need wrapping in cotton wool.
Post-baby bodies are incredible, and shouldn’t be the subject of such pressure to “bounce back” (FFS)!
(Peri-)menopausal bodies are to be supported and nurtured.

I’m here to help, and I’m not going anywhere. Thank you for helping me in my journey.