September has been a tough month, Test:  A series of disappointments, frustrations and hardly any sleep thanks to whatever phase my 3yo is currently going through. Again.  Gah!

Now I appreciate that ‘tough’ is relative.  My shit is shitty, but not nearly so shitty as what some people are going through.  One thing I have learned though, is not to invalidate my own feelings.  Like so many people, I used to do that thing of thinking “oh but so and so is really having an awful time at the moment” or “well my stuff is nothing compared to X.”  And that may be true.  But it doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to acknowledge your own feelings.

I just wanted to put that out there because I know it will apply to lots of you.  It’s OK to feel fed up, tired and like life is a bit rubbish, even if you know others have way more rubbish going on!

Of course there is no point in acknowledging those feelings if we’re not going to try and change things for the better.  I’ve been trying to get my exercise mojo back as a way to lift my mood, a distraction from house-renovation failure, and a legitimate excuse to have some time away from my permanently enraged child!

During September I’ve been doing a lot of barre, and I LOVE it.  It’s bringing back lots of memories from 20 years of dance training growing up.  Aside from the physical and emotional benefits, the main reason I’ve been getting my barre on is because it’s only two weeks until I have my formal qualification to teach barre!  I am so excited to bring this lovely movement to my clients, and I’ll be starting a class here in my home village this winter.  You heard it here first, so watch this space!

I’ve also been trying to film more regular workout snippets for social media, doing a live Monday morning workout within one of my Facebook groups, playing badminton most weekends, and even managed to get out in a kayak!

Aside from keeping active, seeing as we’re now 3/4 of the way through the year (!) I always find September is a very busy month checking in with my business goals for the year.  So far I’m on track, just about, and am trying to increase the amount of content I put out.  I know a few of you reading this aren’t on social media (which is why I like to keep this blog going), but sadly for you, it’s where most of my content goes. I do upload some bits to YouTube as well so it’s always worth having a look on there.

Just this week I did a short video about incontinence.  I urge you to have a watch as this is not something that only affects women who’ve just had babies!  It affects a wide range of people, including men, and can be caused by:
– Pregnancy
– Childbirth
– Obesity
– High impact sports
– Heavy lifting
– Hormonal changes (esp. peri- and post- menopause)and there are several really easy things you can do to help.

==> Check out the incontinence video here.

On a completely unrelated note, the evenings here have got much darker and chillier, despite some gloriously warm sunny days.  Don’t know about you but autumn makes me turn to one pot meals, and hearty food.  I was hunting for some recipe inspiration and like the look of all of these so I thought I’d share.  I find Jamie Oliver’s recipes are usually pretty easy and quick, plus there are some vegan options too, so everyone’s covered!
==> 10 Autumn Recipes

Right, that’s enough from me this Sunday morning.  I hope you are all well, and ready for whatever October may bring!