Perched on the edge of 2019, I look back and think “what a crazy year it’s been!” On so many levels. But mostly it was a year of gratitude, and whilst 2018 has been far from smooth, I end it realising that I’m very lucky to have a business I can call my own, and so many women I can call my clients and comrades!

So what’s been going on? As always I have summarised the Lovefit year in video form, but here’s a little written synopsis of everything that I can’t squeeze into a two-minute video:


  • 42 babies have been born from our Tuesday night pregnancy class in Milton.  FORTY TWO!  Utterly love this.
  • My PT clients have been very busy:
    – One has lost 3 stone since the summer
    – Another has knocked her 500m rowing time out of the park (1:44)!!
    – One lady gained the confidence to start adult ballet
    – While another completed a swimathon after a long period of chronic illness
    – Somebody was able to go hiking in the USA; something she wouldn’t have been able to do back in January.
    Everybody has done amazing things.  You are all brilliant.



  • I attended the annual Woman on Fire conference in April, where I got the chance to learn from an array of amazing speakers, and mingle with other women’s wellness practitioners (from physios, to midwives, soft tissue therapists to nutritionists, and fellow fitness coaches).  I’m already booked in and looking forward to next year’s event.
  • I qualified as a Barre instructor – yay – and undertook my final training in October.  As a former dancer, I am beyond excited to be bringing this movement to Lovefit. It has felt so good to combine my dance roots with my fitness side.
  • I am currently studying for an extra certification in pelvic health, focussing on reducing pelvic pain and allowing freedom of movement.
  • I had some mentoring, because I’m aware I need to work on myself in order to keep helping others.  This led to some fairly major shake ups with regards to how I run the business…



  • 2018 was my first fully solo year, after Bettina went back to Australia at the end of 2017.  It has felt good to be the whole business, but I’ve invested time in collaborating with other professionals and am blessed to be working alongside two amazing women:  Kathryn (women’s health physio) of The Cambridge Health Clinic, and Nikki (women’s health and fitness coach like me) of Optimum.  Both of these ladies do wonderful things for women, and I am proud to call them my colleagues and friends.  We even managed a spa break away together, which was bliss for all of us!
  • It’s been a year of automating my business, and I spent most of the spring and summer working on:
    – GDPR (that was epic fun, ahem).
    – Moving my classes onto an online booking system, which has been a great success.  You can book into classes HERE.
    – Finally updating my website to reflect the services I have actually been offering for several years!  Please take a peek.  I’m pretty happy with how it looks.
  • I hosted a fundraiser bootcamp in September, collecting money for Cambridge Breastfeeding Alliance.  It was a wet morning, so I was so grateful to the people who came out to support this fantastic charity.
  • My array of classes has stayed the same throughout 2018 (pregnancy classes, postnatal classes, and WOW), but in 2019 Barre will be replacing WOW on Monday nights.  The taster session sold out within an hour and has 10 people on the waiting list so I think this is going to be a very popular session!
  • I trialled a new workshop (on the hottest night of the year!) and it was a great success.  I realised that women don’t always need the “go go go” side of fitness, so I put on a two-hour R&R workshop where we foam rolled, released, chatted, and then drank fizz and ate ice cream, before I sent them away with a goody bag.  I’ll be doing another in the spring so watch this space if that sounds like your kind of thing.
  • And finally, earlier this month, I took everyone out for Christmas cocktails in town.  It’s always fun to see people in “normal” clothes, chatting together, and general enjoying themselves.  Thank you to everyone who joined me.



Anyone who has spent time with me this year will know that, for the past 14 months, we have had a whole lot of house-related ups and downs.  It has been quite stressful and feels like a lot of drama for something that should be quite straight forward.  There’s too much to go into any detail here, but suffice to say that even Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer couldn’t solve our problems!

Kirstie & Phil in da house!

If you are bored on a Wednesday night at 8pm in January, then you’ll find us on C4 (most likely on 16th January but could be a week either side).  Why do I get myself into these things?

Anyway, here’s that roundup video, for anyone who wants a watch. It made me smile (and maybe cry a little bit too)!


Thank you to each and every one of you reading this, for being part of my year in whatever way.  It sounds cheesy, but it’s an honour to work with you.  Without you, Lovefit wouldn’t exist, so I am hugely grateful that you enable me to fulfil my passion, and my mission to serve women at all life stages.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2019. I hope to see you on the other side.