At the start of the summer I posted a short video in one of the private Facebook groups I run, and asked the women for advice. I wanted to start a thread about combatting overwhelm, and that constant need to get shit done! I ended up with 64 responses, and some great tips. So I thought it would be a good idea to compile the various answers into a list, all in one place. Here are the answers my fabulous tribe offered up for those times when you need to switch off and have some head space:



Running – with a focus on breathing to stop one’s head whirling out of control!

Reverse lists – writing down everything you have achieved at the end of each day

Minimalism – both owning less and DOING less

Brain dump before bed / keeping a notepad by your bedside

Remind yourself you can’t do everything / limit yourself to a max. of 3 items on your daily “to do” list

Fresh air – be that a walk, gardening, taking kids to the park etc

Journalling – noting what made you happy each day


Control the controllables

Talk to others / share problems / seek help

Spending time with friends who lift you up

Eisenhower decision matrix (look it up)