It’s become a bit of a tradition that I sit down on 23rd December and write a little blog post; the penultimate one of the year, ahead of my annual round-up message. It’s a time when everyone is starting to wind down (or get wound up?!) and over the past few days lots of people have asked me “have you stopped work now?” My answer is always mixed: “Yes. Well, sort of. Actually, no.”

Being self-employed means you never truly switch off. There’s always something to be done, and whenever I take time “off” it provides a bit of space for cracking on with all the behind the scenes stuff. So whilst I’m not seeing any clients nor teaching any classes now until January, there is a lot of work that needs doing.

I’m aware that sounds like I’m grumbling. So I shan’t lie – it is tough always having to chip away to keep a business afloat. It doesn’t just run itself. That being said, there is huge satisfaction in seeing the fruits of your labour. And as such, this always feels like a good time of year to note all the things I’m grateful for. I believe this is something we should all do. It’s good for the soul.

I say this as someone who is all too aware how easy it is to dwell on the not-so-great stuff. It seems 2019 has been difficult for a lot of us: Many of my friends, family and clients appear to have had a bit of a doozy. Well, I see you. This year has not been my favourite either, so I am sending love to everyone who is ready to see the back of 2019.

But let’s all take a moment to stop and reflect on everything we have to be grateful for. Because no matter who you are, and what hardships you have suffered, there will always be things for which you can show gratitude, even if this is a tough time of year for you. Here are a few of mine:

I am hugely grateful for each and every one of you reading this. Whether you’re somebody I work with in person, a former client, or simply somebody who follows me from afar – you all make Lovefit what it is. I say this every year, but THANK YOU for your support. It really means a lot.

I am also grateful for my body, and promise not to take it for granted. I’m grateful for all the things it can do (even though there are many things it can’t). Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that brings pleasure – like having the strength to hold my large dog on the lead (it’s like walking a train), or being able to chase my son down the road as he zooms to school on his bike.

I am eternally grateful for friends. They lift me up, make me laugh, keep me sane and inspire me.

I am grateful for a roof over my head and food on my plate. So, so grateful for these.

I am grateful for my son. Raising him thus far has not been an easy journey for me, but I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to witness Christmas through the eyes of a four year old.

So there you go. A few things for which I give thanks.

Finally, as has also become tradition, here’s a little workout to keep you going during the festivities. Various options demonstrated by my ever-suffering husband and a then-2yo son.

I guess all that remains is for me to wish you all a restful Christmas. Take some time to relax, recuperate and do whatever makes you happy. I’m downing tools completely for a several days, but I’ll pop back up again during Twixmas. ¬†Until then…

Merry Christmas, wherever you are!