It’s that time of year when everyone (especially in my industry) starts looking ahead to the new year.  Goals are set, resolutions made, plans instated.  We dream of the changes we’re going to make in 2020.  But I’m still undecided on how healthy it really is to put so much pressure on what is fundamentally just another new day.

Of course there is a natural time of reflection when we see in a new year, especially when it’s the turn of the decade. And I do think it makes a lot of sense to spend time visualising what you want from the next 12 months.  But we need to be realistic.  Nothing changes overnight (unless you win the lottery)!  Most of the things we want to be different focus on the end goal:  Weight-loss, being able to run a certain distance, managing X number of press-ups etc.  Yet focussing on the end goal doesn’t give enough attention to the process.  It’s all about small changes in our actions, and creating habits (which need time and dedication and – most importantly – the right mindset).  So if the goal is weight-loss, the actions might be eating more vegetables and booking into regular fitness sessions, for example.  And unless we can find enjoyment in the process (so in this example, we’d want some good recipe ideas and a fun element to our fitness), it’s hard to achieve the end goal.

It’s also easy to be downtrodden by things that didn’t go to plan in 2019, but that’s all part of the journey, difficult though it may be.  While there are likely many things you are glad to see the back of, I think it’s important to dedicate a bit of time to looking back over the past year and acknowledging your achievements.  It’s a reminder that we all have ups and downs, accomplishments and struggles, but that there are always good bits along the way.  I have done this now for quite a few years and I always like to summarise the Lovefit year both in video form, and in words.  So here’s what’s been going on with me in 2019:


  • My 1-1 clients continue to amaze me with what they achieve week on week.  Their accomplishments are many and varied but a few highlights for me include:
    – Swinging the 28kg kettlebell.
    – Entering a 10km running race.
    – Taking up weekly dance lessons.
    – Having the confidence to go on physical adventures that she never thought she’d manage.
    – Losing weight for health reasons and showing up every week despite serious health complications.
    – Getting stronger in spite of battling depression.
    – Swinging the 14kg kettlebell six months after giving birth, having never used kettlebells before.
  • We’ve welcomed 40 babies, with a few more on the horizon.  I always love totting up how many births there have been from my Tuesday pregnancy night class.
  • Across both my personal training and group sessions, I’ve realised that people are hitting some big numbers in terms of attendance, and it’s time we started recognising and rewarding certain milestones.  Various goodies have been winging their way to people, and will continue to do so.  Thank you so much for your commitment and loyalty to Lovefit.  It really means a lot.



  • As always, I attended the Woman On Fire women’s health conference in April.  I love this event! It’s an amazing opportunity to network with and learn from other fitness professionals, physios, nutritionists, soft-tissue therapists, midwives and more.  The weekend involved so many amazing presenters, and I came away with a full head and heart.
  • I also went along to Sweaty Betty Live for the first time.  This one-day event involved a series of speakers and educational talks, as well as a whole bunch of group fitness sessions to join in with.  I had great fun with my friend Nikki from Optimum as we worked our way through various food stalls, danced our way through a Frame Dance Cardio workout (full on!), browsed the clothes rails, and listened to several inspirational speakers.
  • Not massively exciting, but important to add that I’ve updated my First Aid certification.  This has to be done every three years to ensure I’m able to deal with any injuries.  But can we all try to avoid that?
  • I wanted to mention that I had always planned for 2019 to be the year that I added massage therapy to my toolkit.  I started planning for it several years ago and wanted to offer massage from September, when my son started school.  Alas, personal circumstances meant that this simply wasn’t possible, and won’t be happening in 2020 either.  But I am pencilling it in for 2021 when I hope to add the power of touch to my repertoire!  Watch this space.



  • As most of you will be aware, I qualified as a Barre instructor at the end of 2018, and started offering Barre classes a year ago.  The class has been really popular and a joy to teach.  It truly is my happy place.  So much so that I am adding an extra “express” (30 minute) class for 2020, starting next week.  There are a few places left so if you want to grab a spot, you can find out more and book HERE.
  • My personal training space has moved temporarily, following my house move in the summer.  This doesn’t affect any of my classes at all, but all my 1-1 clients (and I) have been adapting to our new digs and enjoying the bonus of having an indoor TRX.  Sessions will remain here until my new gym has been built.
  • Once again I somehow managed to choose the hottest day of the year to host my R&R workshop.  Yep, on that day when the mercury hit 38 degrees back in July, I had an evening of releases, recuperation and relaxation planned… In a non-air-conditioned upstairs room.  Cue many deliberations about whether to cancel, and then a decision that the show must go on and we ended up having a gorgeous evening in my back garden of all places.  Complete with fans, and a lot of water (followed by Prosecco, of course).
  • One of my proudest achievements of 2019 was raising just over £1,000 for Petals – the baby loss and birth trauma charity.  I am still gobsmacked by the total!  In November I hosted the fundraiser event which involved a (slightly chaotic) family friendly workout, followed by a cake sale.  We had such a laugh and I was so grateful for the large turnout.  The weather was appalling so I was even more grateful that I’d opted for an indoor venue!  We took almost £400 on the day, but then over the following week the online donations just kept rolling in.  I think this is a charity that means so much to so many people, and I am incredibly pleased we were able to help them.  I recently learned that, thanks to money raised (of which the Lovefit event certainly played a part), Petals have been able to reinstate their counselling service, helping bereaved parents.  Wonderful news.
  • Just before Christmas I held a drinks evening, open to all my clients, for an end of year celebration.  I hired out a local cafe so we had the place to ourselves – just us, some fizz, good music, and lots of chatter.  Thanks for coming out in your “normal” clothes and spending yet more time in my company!
  • Heading into 2020 I’ve had a bit of a class revamp.  I’m still offering all the same group sessions (Pregnancy, Postnatal, WOW & Barre), but I have changed a couple of small things.  Full details of all my group offerings can be found here on my website, and a snapshot of my revised class timetable is below.



As for me personally, well… What can I say!  It’s been a turbulent year for many reasons, some of which I shan’t go into.  It started well with a month-long (very last minute!) backpacking escape, where we visited Borneo, Queensland (Australia) and Malaysia with our then 3yo.  We sold our home of 13 years, bought a derelict barn, had a shocking house move, currently live in rental and our build is on hold.  My son started school.  I gave myself a kick up the bum and signed up for some fitness coaching:  I’ve been enjoying CrossFit and Hotpod Yoga since September and I swear it’s the only thing that has stopped me tipping completely over the edge since the house move!

If there is one thing I have learned this year, it’s not to go 10 solid months without a single week off!  Especially with everything that’s been going on during that time.  Regular breaks from work are crucial, even with a job that you genuinely love!  How can I possibly give the best of myself and offer the service I want to offer, when I let myself get so depleted?  So in 2020 I’ll be taking weeks off throughout the year, if only to hang with my kiddo during school holidays.  I think everyone will be happier for it.

Thank you for reading, if you have made it this far.  I never take it for granted that people actually care what I have to say!  So thanks for being there.  And if you aren’t reading this but have scrolled right down to the end, here’s my video round-up.


Happy New Year!  May 2020 be filled with laughter, kind people and fresh air.