Having been fully online for almost four months at the time of writing, there will be some gradual changes ahead. Obviously everything is subject to change, depending on latest advice, a possible second wave (gulp!) and venue rules.

1-1 Clients

Almost all of my 1-1 sessions are remaining online for a number of reasons, but I have chatted to each client individually and can continue to fit in with each individual’s personal requirements and circumstances.


Up to this point I have had to keep everything online, even WOW which is an outdoor session (it’s all in the name). Finally outdoor restrictions have been lifted for businesses and we are no longer capped at 6 people – Hurrah!

Effective w/c 20th July, Wednesday night WOW will return to Waterbeach rec. All other group offerings, including Thursday mid-morning WOW will remain on Zoom for the summer. Please note there will be a break at the end of August while I take some time off from 21st-31st August.

Having polled my regulars, and spoken to all my venues, I am almost certain that no indoor face-to-face sessions will resume in September. As such, I anticipate Barre, Bumps (pregnancy) and Babies (postnatal) to stay on Zoom over the autumn. There would need to be a big drop in Covid-19 cases, and a lot more confidence from me and you before we start working out together indoors. Much as I miss you all, this really is for the best. And without being able to offer hands on corrections, assess post-baby tummies, or have a long natter with individuals at the end of class, continuing with Zoom makes the most sense. My virtual door is always open though, and if any of you need a chat and some company I would be happy to arrange a distanced walk with any of you. Or I’m at the end of a phone or email if that’s your preference.

Watch this space for updates on Thursday WOW at Vinery Road Rec. This session will remain online for now and I will advise on the return to the park ASAP. Come September I am considering a few options, but it’s very likely that I will add in a permanent online early morning WOW at around 6.30am.

Those of you who are not local to me, but have been joining Zoom classes from afar… Please contact me if the loss of a Wednesday night online session affects your membership, and I can advise on the best option for you going forward.

I’ll keep this link updated whenever things change, but the above has you covered until September.

Thanks you for your continued support and patience as we all navigate these crazy times!  X