Roasted Fennel, Cherry Tomatoes and Chickpeas
Serves 2


• 2 medium fennel buds
• 2 sprigs of fresh sage
• Juice of half a lemon
• 12 cherry tomatoes
• 400g jar of chickpeas, drained
• Coconut oil
• Sea salt and cracked black pepper


  1. Oven temperature of 180 degrees, gas mark 6.
  2. Cut the fennel bulbs into quarters and place them in a roasting tray with 2 tsp of coconut oil, salt and pepper.
  3. Roast on the middle shelf of an oven for 25 minutes, turning often, or until charred but not burnt. Remove from the oven, tip into a bowl and keep to one side. Roast the cherry tomatoes for 10 minutes by placing them in a roasting tin with a generous pinch of sea salt, no oil needed.
  4. Place a large, heavy based, non-stick frying pan on a low heat with teaspoon of coconut oil, when melted squeeze in the lemon juice and add the sage. Cook for 1 minute to allow the flavour of the sage to infuse the oil, and then add the roasted tomatoes, 2 generous pinches of pepper and 1 of salt.
  5. Cook for 2 minutes, stirring constantly. Then add the fennel and the chickpeas. Cook for a further 3 minutes, stirring often, and then serve.

Can be served on its own as a stew, or with rice / flatbreads of your choice.