1) When did you join Lovefit?
I started PT with Amber in 2016 when my daughter was 3 months old.

2) What sessions do you do?
Originally I just did PT.  I moved away after a year but would join the odd class when I was visiting.  When I realised that Amber was doing all her classes online due to lockdown I joined as many as I could! I usually do Barre live on a Monday and get the recordings of Thursday WOW and Friday Barre to do at other times.

3) What was your original reason for joining?
I wanted to get back to feeling like myself after the birth of my daughter.

4) Why do you keep coming back?
I love that the classes are always different. Also Amber makes sure that there are adaptations suitable for everyone taking the class so everyone feels challenged whatever their level.

5) What is your proudest achievement to date?
Getting my 50 class tshirt!

6) What is your favourite exercise?
Not sure about favourite but I can definitely say that burpees and jump squats are my least favourite (I hate them)!

7) What do you do when you’re not training with Amber?
During non Covid times we love to travel, whether it be to China (where we used to live), skiing, or nearer to home – we have just come back from a week in North Norfolk. I also seem to sign up to lots of challenges: I’ve done 3 half marathons (extremely slowly, I should add) and last year I did the shine night marathon walk.

8) What would you say to anyone thinking about signing up with Lovefit?
I would say “just do it!” You will not regret it – you will feel fitter in yourself and meet a lovely bunch of ladies.