7th September 2020:

Following on from my last update a fortnight ago, I can now confirm the Lovefit schedule for the next couple of months (all being well)! Returning to face-to-face classes is exciting but, as you can imagine, there is a lot of red-tape especially for hiring venues. I have been filling my evenings completing risk assessments, figuring out financial viability for each offering, and deciding on the best way forward. For now, it seems the best plan is a hybrid approach: Some online classes, some outdoor classes, and some in-person sessions with simultaneous Zoom streaming / recording.

Here is the confirmed timetable, and below that is a little more information on each offering, so please have a read of what’s going on with your session:

My 1-1s are taking place either online, or outside at various locations, bespoke to each individual.

WOW: Both WOW sessions are back at their normal locations outside: Wednesday night at Waterbeach rec and Thursday mid-morning at Vinery Road.  Please bring water, a mat, and ideally a resistance band too. Feel free to also bring kettlebells / dumbbells etc if you have them. Equipment is available to borrow during the session, but I am trying to minimise equipment sharing. It would be great if you could bring hand gel along with you so that you can sanitise your hands before using any borrowed kit.
There is also a new early morning online WOW-style class.  This “Sunrise session” will be recorded, and is open to all so if any of you have partners / husbands / family who might want to join the fun, let them know.
All of these sessions are 45 minutes long, and are circuit / HIIT / bootcamp-style.

BARRE: Both weekly Barre sessions will stay online for the time being for the reasons mentioned in my last update on 21st August (below). I do not yet have a date for when we will return face-to-face, so please assume that these classes will remain online for the foreseeable.

BUMPS: This class will remain online for the time being, and I will be reassessing next month, with a view to hopefully reinstating the face-to-face sessions in late October, whilst offering Zoom simultaneously. However, for this half-term, we’ll definitely be staying on Zoom and not meeting in-person.

BABIES: There has been strong interest to return this session to an in-person class. As such, and to bring the best of both worlds, this class will now be face-to-face but with a simultaneous online component. This coming week (Wed 9th), and for as long as the weather holds up, we will be outside on the rec behind Milton community centre. If I am teaching outside, it’s unlikely 4G will be reliable enough to stream live on Zoom, so I will be recording and sending the recording out to those who cannot attend in-person. Once we are forced inside, the following will be standard practice:
– Max. 6 participants (plus me and babies) to enable safe distancing. If there are more than 6 members wishing to join class, some people would need to do Zoom instead, either as a live-stream or via the recording. Priority for a live spot will be first come first served.
– You must bring your own mat and band. I can provide a band if needed, and will clean all equipment before and after class, but am trying to minimise equipment sharing.
– I’m afraid I will not be able to offer refreshments after class at this time.
– I will not be able to offer hands on adjustments, nor tummy assessments for diastasis recti.
– Class will be live-streamed on Zoom simultaneously and recorded so that people who are not there in-person can either join live from home (for example if they are needing to quarantine) or get the recording to do at a later time. The recording will only show me, and the camera will not be facing any of the participants.
– Face coverings must be worn within the building, but not during exercise.
– I will require everyone to wash their hands or sanitise their hands on arrival at class.
– And obviously all other standard Covid-19 guidelines apply i.e. please do not turn up if you or other members of your household have experienced covid symptoms! If you need to quarantine, you don’t have to miss out completely, you can get the recording or do it live via Zoom instead.
I now have to turn up earlier, and stay later to do all the cleaning required by the venue as part of my hire agreement and risk assessment. This also means a longer hire period and increased hire charges. So please understand that I need to see how this goes, and whether it will be viable to run at reduced capacity, without all the normal benefits of being face-to-face (time to natter, share a snack, hang out at the end of class etc). I really hope so, as I am missing seeing you all in the flesh!

Strange times we are living in, and I promise I am doing my best to help bring a sense of normality, and keep as many people happy as possible.

Thanks for reading, and looking forward to seeing you one way or another soon!


21st August 2020:

It’s been 5 months since lockdown started.  I so desperately want to be working with you all face to face.  When I started this business 12 years ago, it was in no small part because of the enjoyment I get from interacting with other people.  There have been many hugs over the years, high fives, team games, shared cuppas… And I miss them!

But staying safe, and keeping sessions accessible to as many of you as possible is of utmost importance.  With that in mind, some sessions will remain online as we move into autumn.  A few things are still TBC (owing to venue managers being on holiday and unable to confirm key information), but here is the proposed plan for September.  I will communicate confirmation of the below as soon as I have it:

1-1 Clients

Many of my 1-1 sessions are remaining online for a number of reasons, but I have chatted to each client individually and can continue to fit in with each individual’s personal requirements and circumstances.


My new timetable will be effective from w/c 7th September and should look like this:

**No classes w/c 24th August, as I am taking a week off**

**W/C 31st August:

  • No Barre on bank holiday Monday
  • Tues 1st Sept – BUMPS 7pm (Zoom)
  • Wed 2nd Sept – BABIES 12 noon (Zoom) / WOW 7pm (Waterbeach Rec)
  • Thurs 3rd Sept – WOW 10.30am (Zoom)
  • Fri 4th Sept – BARRE 9.15am (Zoom)

Then from w/c 7th Sept I’m hoping we’ll be running as follows…

WOW: Both existing WOW sessions will be back at their normal locations outside.  Wednesday night has been back at Waterbeach rec for several weeks, and Thursday mid-morning at Vinery Road will return on Sept 10th (that session will still be online on Sept 3rd).  On 10th Sept I’ll also start an early morning online WOW-style class.  This “Sunrise session” will be open to all so if any of you have partners / husbands / family who might want to join the fun, let them know.

BARRE: Both weekly Barre sessions will stay online for the time being.  One venue isn’t re-opening yet.  The other is, but the safety measures required make it unfeasible to run the class with children present – and most people attending that session bring their young children along. The general consensus has been that, much as we’re missing face-to-face classes, being in a room together doesn’t feel right yet, especially given how many of you normally attend, and how much voice projection I have to do to teach this class over the music.

BUMPS: Initially this class will remain online, but there is interest from some members to return to in-person sessions.  I am looking into viability and space required, with a view to *possibly* re-instating the class to Milton in late October (whilst simultaneously providing a Zoom option).  Watch this space.

BABIES: Interestingly, almost everyone who has recently inquired about joining this class, has asked if it will be face-to-face again.  It seems new mums are desperate to get back out there and feel that connection to others in the same boat.  With that in mind, I am hoping to be able to offer a best-of-both-worlds approach to this class, and am looking at returning back to a physical venue on 9th Sept (TBC*) whilst streaming via Zoom at the same time. [NB: Class will be on Zoom on 2nd Sept]. This would enable me to keep in-person class sizes small, whilst still being able to reach those who are further away, or prefer not to attend face-to-face.  I’d like to take the class outside where possible, which we have always done in previous summers.  But this particular class does not lend itself to wet or cold outdoor sessions, (unlike WOW which takes place outside year round).  This class is slower paced, we take time chatting to get to know each other, we spend time mobilising, so it works better inside if the weather is inclement. I’m waiting to hear from the community centre to find out if they have WiFi that would enable me to simultaneously Zoom and teach live. Again, watch this space.

I’ll be in touch early September to confirm everything 100%!

15th July 2020:

Having been fully online for almost four months at the time of writing, there will be some gradual changes ahead. Obviously everything is subject to change, depending on latest advice, a possible second wave (gulp!) and venue rules.

1-1 Clients

Almost all of my 1-1 sessions are remaining online for a number of reasons, but I have chatted to each client individually and can continue to fit in with each individual’s personal requirements and circumstances.


Up to this point I have had to keep everything online, even WOW which is an outdoor session (it’s all in the name). Finally outdoor restrictions have been lifted for businesses and we are no longer capped at 6 people – Hurrah!

Effective w/c 20th July, Wednesday night WOW will return to Waterbeach rec. All other group offerings, including Thursday mid-morning WOW will remain on Zoom for the summer. Please note there will be a break at the end of August while I take some time off from 21st-31st August.

Having polled my regulars, and spoken to all my venues, I am almost certain that no indoor face-to-face sessions will resume in September. As such, I anticipate Barre, Bumps (pregnancy) and Babies (postnatal) to stay on Zoom over the autumn. There would need to be a big drop in Covid-19 cases, and a lot more confidence from me and you before we start working out together indoors. Much as I miss you all, this really is for the best. And without being able to offer hands on corrections, assess post-baby tummies, or have a long natter with individuals at the end of class, continuing with Zoom makes the most sense. My virtual door is always open though, and if any of you need a chat and some company I would be happy to arrange a distanced walk with any of you. Or I’m at the end of a phone or email if that’s your preference.

Watch this space for updates on Thursday WOW at Vinery Road Rec. This session will remain online for now and I will advise on the return to the park ASAP. Come September I am considering a few options, but it’s very likely that I will add in a permanent online early morning WOW at around 6.30am.

Those of you who are not local to me, but have been joining Zoom classes from afar… Please contact me if the loss of a Wednesday night online session affects your membership, and I can advise on the best option for you going forward.

I’ll keep this link updated whenever things change, but the above has you covered until September.

Thanks you for your continued support and patience as we all navigate these crazy times!  X