‘TUMMY TIME’ – Postnatal Core Restore Class


  • Recently had a baby, but unsure how best to start exercising again?
  • Feel disconnected from your abs and the pre-baby you?
  • Concerned that things don’t quite feel the same down below?
  • Unable to get to the gym because you have a baby to look after?
  • Want to return to running or sports but the pelvic floor isn’t ready yet?
  • Want to work out with other like-minded new mums?


My Tummy Time class was specially designed to help women reconnect with their bodies after giving birth. I was blessed with a very easy pregnancy and expected my birth and revovery to be just as straightforward. This was not the case. I suffered a placental abruption during labour, which necessitated a lot of intervention to save my son’s life, and resulted in a much tougher recovery than I could have anticipated. I also suffered with accute anxiety attacks and postnatal depression for a long time after giving birth. I’m sharing this so that you understand I am walking this path with you. I know what it’s like to experience a compromised pelvic floor and a gaping tummy. I get it, I really do. Tummy Time is essentially the programme I designed for myself after my son was born in 2015.

Come join us on a Wednesday lunch time for a reintroduction to exercise, focusing on healing the core and pelvic floor, and gradually building up your strength. Mums will be made to feel comfortable to feed and attend to their babies’ needs throughout the class. There are baby change facilities on site.

A typical class will include:

  • Introductions from everyone and their babies.
  • Recap / introduction to core synergy and how to breathe properly for pelvic floor health and healing.
  • Mobility and releases for tight, achey muscles.
  • Main workout together (sometimes in pairs). All exercises focus on full body movements to get you strong, and to work the muscles that become overstretched during pregnancy and the postnatal period. We squat, lunge, row, bridge etc, all with focus on the breath and alignment to ensure that your tummy muscles and pelvic floor are well supported. I always give different progressions so that those who have been coming for longer can continue to challenge themselves, and those who are new have simple options to start with if needed.
  • Singing with the babies if needed.
  • Stretch.
  • Refreshments, snacks, and time to chat with the other mums.

Disclaimer:  You will need to have had your 6-8 week GP check – and be 10-12 weeks post C-section – before commencing an exercise programme.


Wednesdays 12:00-13:00

Cottenham Village Hall and Zoom

During the summer months, we try to take the class outside on the rec as much as possible, but are otherwise inside at the village hall. Class is live-streamed on Zoom too.

Includes 60 minute class and snack.

Now watch this!

  Common Questions


When can I join?
This class is suitable after you’ve had your 6-8 week GP check, or 10 weeks after a caesarean.


What do I wear?
Comfortable clothes you can move in. Most people wear ‘gym kit’ but leggings or shorts and a t-shirt are fine. We exercise barefoot, so no need to worry about footwear. This is not a high impact class and you likely won’t require a sports bra, so a normal nursing bra under a top you can easily feed in should do the trick if you’re breastfeeding. Or a sports bra over a nursing bra if you need extra support.


What should I bring?
For you: Just water to drink. Everything else is provided, including a healthy snack and a drink at the end. (Please note, during covid restrictions, I cannot share food / drinks, and please do bring your own exercise mat, and a resistance band if you have one.  I have spares which are sanitised before and after class, so don’t worry if you don’t have your own band).
For baby: Whatever you need! People bring all sorts from bouncer chairs, jungle gyms, toys etc. I advise bringing blankets so your little one has something soft to lie on, as it is a hard wood floor. There is some space for car seats and buggies.


Who is the class for?
Tummy Time is aimed at women in the earlier postnatal period (first year), and is a class for mums with their bubs in tow. This is the perfect class to start if you have a baby under 6 months / had pelvic floor or abdominal complications post birth / had a baby a while ago but need a gentler, holistic reintroduction to exercise. For those with older, more mobile babies, or those who are ready for a more vigorous workout, our WOW sessions (women’s outdoor workouts) would be perfect. See “BEYOND” for details.


[NB: If you are <6 months post-birth, had an uncomplicated birth, quick recovery and prefer to exercise outdoors, you are welcome to join the WOW sessions without having first attended the tummy time class, but please do chat to me first].


Can I do a taster session first?
Although I don’t offer taster sessions, I do promise to refund your remaining sessions if – after your first class – you decide it’s not for you.


I explain why I no longer do tasters in this video and have a heap of free tasters you can access (see below).


How do I know if the class is right for me?
You’ll get a really good sense of who I am and what I offer by looking through the below FREE resources.


  • Read all the 5* testimonials on my Facebook page.
  • See the potnatal episodes on my YouTube channel.
  • Follow me on social media (I usually hang out on Facebook and Instagram – Lovefit Women’s Wellness).


What do the babies do during class?
Babies are 100% welcome to class and normally spend most of the class on a blanket at the front of your mat, where they can see you, and can all see each other (as they are towards the centre of the room). Some babies might be asleep in a buggy or car seat at the edge of the room, some will be at the front of mum’s mat, some might be having a feed or a cuddle. We do not use the babies as weights! Other than the fact that this practice is not covered under any insurance policy in the land, it’s simply not safe nor advisable. We interact with them, and tend to them, but they are usually pretty content watching all the goings on.


What if my baby cries?
Do not worry at all! Babies cry, and we have all been there. It is absolutely fine to feed your baby, change their nappies, and do whatever you need to do to comfort them. Obviously I hope you are able to join in with as much of the class as possible, but – as is the way with young babies – do expect to be tending to your little one at some point, especially the very young ones. Once out of the 4th trimester, they are typically a little more “easy going” in class.


Will I be too unfit?
No! This class is suitable for the early postnatal period and will be every gentle, focussing on regaining core strength and function, rather than working up a massive sweat.


I want to shift the baby weight. Will this class be enough for that?
At the risk of sounding controversial, postnatal exercise should not be about getting your pre-baby body back. Sorry! It should be about getting your pelvic floor and core functioning well, so that you can perform all your mummy duties pain free, and avoid any embarrassing incontinence issues. Launching into a vigorous exercise regime (no matter how fit you are or how smoothly your birth went) is not beneficial. That’s why Tummy Time focuses on building the foundation first, and then you can “graduate” to my WOW classes later. I’m not saying you won’t lose weight doing this class (no doubt you will), but weight loss is not the primary focus of these sessions.


Can I come if my baby is older than 6 months?
Yes, of course. We appreciate that some people might be returning to exercise later and need to work on the basics first, even if you had your baby 6 months, a year, or even longer ago. However, if your little one is mobile, you might prefer to try and come alone so that you don’t spend the whole time trying to keep your baby from attempting to clamber over the tiny ones! Most women who join when their babies are very young, stay until they are around 7-8 months old, and some continue right up until a year.  It’s really a case of what suits you, and I am more than happy to guide you on this.


What if I miss a week?
It’s absolutely fine – it happens! We understand that you might not be able to make every single week, which is why I always run the session on Zoom too.  That way you can catch up via the recording, or join us live on Zoom if you are unable to attend in person. That way you have multiple options, and need never lose any of your sessions.


Do classes only run in term time?
Classes predominantly run in term-time only, but I do hold some sessions during school holidays.  I’ll always let you know in advance when there are any breaks in the schedule.  I am not running this class throughout 2024, owing to my year-long diploma.


How do I join?
All class bookings are now managed online via GoTeamUp where you can complete the health screening questions, and book into your classes online. If you are joining part way through a block, please email me at the address below.


If you have any concerns or further questions, I am happy to do a telephone consultation before you join the class. Please get in touch at to request a telephone consultation. Otherwise you can go ahead and book online.

I attended the tummy time class for 12 weeks after I had [my baby] and it was so enjoyable. It really helped me focus on getting my fitness back and the class was so friendly. Not only was it a fitness class but I enjoyed meeting and chatting to other mums. Amber is so supportive and such a nice person. I was really sad to stop the class. Dani

Tummy Time Client

As today is my last class (at least for now), I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU!

I have learned so much from you, and your classes have made a big difference to my pregnancy, labour, and early days of motherhood. You are doing a fantastic job. Ellie

Pregnancy & Tummy Time client

I cannot thank you enough for the support, advice and general sweatiness you’ve supplied over the last 12 months. The network I’ve gained through joining your groups has perhaps been the most important thing of all. Thank you so much for everything that you do. I look forward to the WOW classes and the new set of challenges ahead. Julia

Pregnancy & Tummy Time Client

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