Bespoke 1-1 Personal Fitness Coaching


  • Need help with a specific problem?
  • Prefer to exercise alone, rather than in groups?
  • Deserve the ultimate gift to yourself after having a baby?
  • Want to learn proper, safe kettlebell technique?
  • Fed up with the same old routine?
  • Find it hard to motivate yourself to exercise at home?
  • Complete beginner with no idea where to start?


Whatever your situation, whatever your fitness level, I can help. I’ve been working with clients 1-1 since 2008, and my client base is hugely varied (save for the fact they are now all women). Pelvic health is obviously my speciality, and I do work with a lot of women post childbirth, helping them heal diastasis and return better function to their core and pelvic floor. That being said, once postnatal always postnatal, and it’s never too late to try and reduce unwanted symptoms.

Of course not all my clients are mums. I’ve trained women ages 24-78. Most work with me long term, and our sessions become part of their lifestyle. Others come for a shorter time, perhaps ahead of a wedding, or a big event. Some are here to lose weight, some are regaining strength after surgery, some just want the opportunity to have somebody else tell them what to do and not have to think about it! I’ve trained women after a mastectomy, people with prolapse, a former pro-athlete, an elderly ski-fanatic, and a ton of women through their journey to motherhood.

A few notes for special populations:


Pregnancy is the ultimate time to put yourself first and ensure you are feeling fit and strong, both physically and mentally. Your programme will be adjusted to suit your stage of pregnancy, and I have links with other wonderful birth specialists locally (including women’s health physios, massage therapists, hypnobirth practitioners and osteopaths).
**Please ensure you have GP and midwife clearance to exercise. I prefer to start working with women after their first scan at the end of the first trimester.


Whether you’re 6 weeks post natal or your baby is nearing his first birthday, lovefit can help you to restore your body safely and effectively.

I don’t believe in “getting your old body back”; bodies will – and should – be different post-birth. But I do believe in helping women to embrace their new, amazing (!) bodies, and ensuring that you are strong and functioning well for your role as a mum.
**You need to have had your 6-8 week GP check, and be 10 weeks post caesarean before commencing an exercise programme. Hypopresives can be started earlier.

Terms & Conditions (1-1 Coaching)


  1. 24 hours notice of cancellation is required. Cancellation less than 24 hours prior to the session will result in that session being forfeited.
  2. All sessions must be paid in advance.
  3. All monies paid are non-refundable.
  4. All sessions paid for must be redeemed within 3 months of purchase unless specified otherwise.
You might be interested in these other options for Personal Training…

Small Group Training

Benefit from private, tailored coaching, without the cost.

Distance Training

If you like the idea of Lovefit, but don’t live in Cambridge.


The technique is particularly beneficial for postnatal women.


All sessions take place at my custom-built space in Cottenham.  I cannot train you in your own home.

£595 for 10 sessions (valid for 3 months from start date).

An initial purchase of 10 sessions is required.  After that, clients can continue to pay for blocks of 10, or book smaller blocks at a rate of £65/session.

Includes 55 minute session (1 or 2 x p/w), ongoing support via text / Zoom / email, nutritional guidance and food diary monitoring (as required).

Now watch this!

‘tCommon Questions

What do I wear?

Typical gym kit works best, but t-shirt and shorts / leggings will do the job.
Decent, supportive trainers and a sports bra are recommended.

What do I bring?

A bottle of water, and a small towel are a good idea.

What does a typical session look like?

Everybody’s session is very different and tailored to your unique requirements and goals. However most sessions will follow this format:

  • Debrief (chance to discuss any issues and celebrate achievements)
  • Mobility and releases
  • Strength and / or conditioning (this could comprise bodyweight, resistance bands, dumbells, bar bells, kettlebells and other kit).
  • Cardio.
  • Cool down and stretch off.

Can I bring my child(ren) with me?

Yes. In an ideal world, women come alone so that they can have an hour of “me” time. But childcare isn’t always an option, right? Especially if you have a young baby. In school holidays, some clients bring their older kids and they read in the corner while mum works out, or we head to the park. Please just note that my gym space is not the most toddler-friendly environment – full of heavy weights and sharp surfaces!

How do I sign up?

I’m afraid I don’t currently have availability to take on any new 1-1 clients. Please feel free to contact me to ask about going on my waiting list.

If you are a PT (1-1) client, you will need to complete a PARQ (health screening form), and send back to me when you first make contact.

Click here to download a standard PARQ

Click here to download your Pregnancy PARQ

Click here to download your Postnatal PARQ (if you have had a baby in the last 12 months). NB: Some of these questions might not seem relevant if your baby is no longer a newborn, but it’s important for me to screen deeply, and properly assess everyone who has had a baby


I get so much more than just ‘getting fitter and stronger’ (which of course is also a great result) out of my sessions with you. Every session is fun and challenging in equal measure, it’s obvious that you put a great deal of thought into each one, and every week I leave with increased focus and drive for the day ahead – which ultimately enables me to perform to my best ability at work.

So, essentially, thank you!


PT Client

Amber was incredibly supportive and always there to answer questions. She gave me routines that I could easily fit into my odd working schedule and I’m feeling fitter, firmer and more energetic than I have done in years. Most importantly of all for me, she achieved what I thought was impossible and managed to get my arms looking svelte in time for my wedding and banished the bingo wings!! Thanks so much Amber!


Distance Client

I really enjoyed every [session], and the work we did has given me so much motivation to keep making improvements to my fitness, which is just what I wanted! I’ve even had the courage to enter my first (very short!) triathlon. My long-term goal is to be fitter than I’ve ever been, (despite being a 36-year-old mum) and the strength training has really put me on track to achieve this. Hurrah! Lisa

PT Client

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HELLO, my name is amber… mum to Milo and owner of Lovefit. Thanks for stopping by! If you’re a woman at any life stage, I can help you to feel your best. From friendly group sessions, to personalised 1-1 training, Lovefit offers support, passion, and a wealth of experience. Don’t worry ladies – I’ve got your back (and core, and pelvic floor)!

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