My Story

Lovefit started back in 2008, when I left a city banking job in the hope that a few Cambridge people might want a personal trainer despite the recession. Turns out they did!

To set the scene… I’d studied languages at Cambridge University, where I spent a year living in Frankfurt, met my now husband acting together in “Much Ado About Nothing”, graduated in 2003, backpacked together for a few months, and then I secured a graduate position at a top investment banking firm, whilst he embarked on his PhD.

Sounds good, right? It was… For a while. But the commute, long hours, and stress were taking their toll on my health and I knew I had to make a change. A big change. I decided I’d had enough of following the path that other people expected of me, and it was time to do something more in keeping with the real me: The trained dancer, the sporty kid at school, the gym-junkie. So I retrained, and the rest – as they say – is history!

What started out as a generic personal training company, quickly morphed into a female-only fitness business. And although I specialised in pre- and postnatal from early on, the birth of my son in 2015 was a real turning point for Lovefit.

Suddenly I was in my clients’ shoes! I knew how it felt to grow and birth a baby. I knew how tough the fourth trimester was (blimey)! And I realised what little proper advice there was for pregnant women and new mums with regards to remaining active without compromising their altered cores.

Since then I have made it my mission to build my connections with other women’s health professionals, learn from the best, and ensure I have the most up-to-date research surrounding pregnancy and postnatal exercise. I want to provide mums with the service I wish I’d had: The opportunity to stay active during this journey into motherhood, without fear of what’s safe, and with proper guidance on pelvic floor and core recovery. All with baby in tow, and a support network of like-minded women.

Over the past few years I have created a suite of offerings to see women through all the stages of womanhood, offering classes for bumps, birth, babies and beyond. Alongside this I offer bespoke 1-1 training out of my studio in Cottenham, and have a wonderful tribe of women on social media.

I look forward to helping you celebrate what your amazing body can do, whatever stage of the journey you’re at.



• Mother of a sleep thief!
• Pelvic Flow and Freedom – Burrell Education (*currently studying)
• Barre, Bone and Balance Strong – Burrell Education
• Pelvic Floor and Core Foundations – Burrell Education
• Modern Pregnancy Functional Exercise Programming & Birth Preparation – Burrell Education
• SFG1 Kettlebells – StrongFirst (attendee)
• Advanced Hypopresive Technique – Método Hipopresivo
• Hypopresives Fundamentals – Método Hipopresivo
• Extreme Kettlebell Instructor – Optimal Life Fitness
• Kinetic Chain Assessment (KCA1) – Dax Moy
• Elimination Diet Coach – Dax Moy
• Level 3 Pre and Postnatal Exercise Prescription – Premier Training Intl
• Postnatal Assessment and Exercise Prescription – Burrell Education
• Pregnancy Assessment and Exercise Prescription – Burrell Education
• Level 3 Personal Training Certificate – Premier Training Intl
• Level 2 Exercise to Music – YMCA

My Mission

To offer safe and effective fitness solutions for pre- and postnatal women; helping them fall back in love with their bodies, and giving them the strength they need for life as a mum!

My Vision

A society where all women have access to great pre- and postnatal care, including a women’s health physio, and are given proper advice around exercise and pelvic floor health during pregnancy and beyond. A world where no woman has to suffer with preventable symptoms and assume it’s “normal”.

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Hi, I’m Amber… mum to Milo and owner of Lovefit. Thanks for stopping by! If you’re a woman at any life stage, I can help you to feel your best. From friendly group sessions, to personalised 1-1 training, Lovefit offers support, passion, and a wealth of experience. Don’t worry ladies – I’ve got your back (and core, and pelvic floor)!

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