Pregnancy Fitness and Birth Preparation Classes

  • Want to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy?
  • Confused about what exercise is safe for you and your baby?
  • Keen to keep common pregnancy aches and pains at bay?
  • Feeling unsure about how best to prepare physically and mentally for birth and life with a little one?
  • Scared about putting on too much weight?
  • Need help staying relaxed for the big event?
  • Worried about losing control of your pelvic floor?
  • Looking to meet other like-minded mums and mums-to-be?


Lovefit’s pregnancy classes will deliver all this, and help you to prepare for birth, motherhood and beyond. The sessions aim to help women continue moving and functioning well during their pregnancies, and to educate them around how to have a healthy pregnancy and a safe, positive birth experience. It's a great way to meet other mums and mums-to-be, and lots of great friendships get forged along the way. We finish the main part of the class around 8pm, and then most people stay behind for chat, tea and snacks which we finish between 8.20-8.30pm.

Come join us every Tuesday evening and keep strong and mobile, relaxed and informed, and reduce fear surrounding the birth itself.

A typical class will include:

  • MOBILITY AND RELEASES (to prevent and alleviate common pregnancy aches and pains).
  • STRENGTH (circuit based exercises to improve posture and fitness, different options provided to suit different abilities and stages of pregnancy).
  • PELVIC FLOOR (but not as you know it)!
  • EDUCATIONAL CHAT (over snacks and a cuppa)
  • Plus simple “homework”, and online support between classes.

Safely exercising through your pregnancy can have the following benefits:

  • Quicker postnatal recovery
  • Stronger core and pelvic floor muscles to help support the weight of your baby
  • Prevention of excess weight gain
  • Reduction of common pregnancy ailments such as back pain, varicose veins, pelvic girdle pain, constipation, cramps, swelling, high blood pressure and gestational diabetes
  • Better management of labour pain
  • Relaxation and “you time” which can aid sleep
  • Improved self-esteem and body-confidence
  • Better mental well-being which can decrease the likelihood of postnatal depression
  • Greater stamina to cope with demands of labour (and motherhood!)
  • Postural correction (preventing muscles becoming shortened or over-stretched)

Disclaimer:  Please ensure that you have GP / midwife clearance before commencing an exercise program when pregnant.



Tuesdays 19:00-20:30

Cottenham Village Hall. 
Class is live-streamed on Zoom too (recording available for 6 days).

£90 for 6 classes (valid for 8 weeks from start date).

Includes 90 minute weekly class, snack and drink (not during Covid restrictions), ongoing support via private Facebook group.

Now watch this!

Common Questions


When can I join?
As soon as you’ve had your dating scan (around 3 months), and you can continue coming right up until baby arrives.


Does my condition prevent me from coming?
Probably not! A lot of women contact me suffering from PGP / SPD and other common pregnancy ailments. This class will help alleviate symptoms, and alternatives will be provided as required. However, if you have any of the following, then I’m afraid exercise of any kind is contraindicated:


Significant heart disease | Significant lung disease | Incompetent cervix | Multiple gestation at risk of premature labour | Persistent spotting/bleeding or Placenta Praevia | Premature labour | Ruptured membranes | Uncontrolled Type 1 Diabetes or Gestational Diabetes | Evidence of Intrauterine Growth Restriction | Pregnancy-induced Hypertension or Pre-Eclampsia | Uncontrolled epileptic fits / seizures


What do I wear?
Comfortable clothing you can move in. Most people wear ‘gym kit’ but leggings / shorts and a t-shirt are fine. We exercise barefoot, so no need to worry about shoes.


What should I bring?
Just some water to drink. Everything else is provided, including a healthy snack and a herbal tea at the end.


Do classes only run in term time?
No! The class runs every week, including school holidays. We take a 2-3 week break over Christmas. Any other dates would be posted here.


Can I do a taster session first?
There is a minimum six week commitment for this class. Although I don’t offer taster sessions, I do promise to refund your remaining sessions if – after your first class – you decide it’s not for you.  I explain why I no longer do tasters in this video and have a heap of free tasters you can access (see below).


How do I know if the class is right for me?
You’ll get a really good sense of who I am and what I offer by looking through the below FREE resources.


  • Read all the 5* testimonials on my Facebook page.
  • See the pregnancy episodes on my YouTube channel.
  • Download my free pregnancy guide by filling in the form on the home page.
  • Follow me on social media @Lovefit Women’s Wellness (I usually hang out on Facebook and Instagram).


How do I join?
All class bookings and health screenings are now managed online via GoTeamUp where you can complete the health screening questions, and book into your classes online. You purchase an initial set of 6 sessions (to be used within 8 weeks of your first class), and then keep renewing as you wish.


I cannot tell you how much your classes helped [with my birth].

The breathing techniques and positive mindset I got from them really helped me power through for a long time.

I look forward to seeing you again in a couple of months. Rachel

Pregnancy Client

I know without doubt that if I hadn’t come to your classes there is no way I could have coped so calmly and drug free. You enabled me to take control of my experience and even enjoy the incredible and daunting active labour stage.

Thank you so much for giving me the tools to keep fit, healthy and strong-minded throughout my pregnancy and labour. Emily

Pregnancy Client

The classes were absolutely fantastic, allowing me to be strong, but also support my body in a safe way and allow for an awesome birth.

It not only helps you physically but the all important mental preparation.

Amber is doing an amazing job creating a tribe of women who share information, and birth stories. Sarah

Pregnancy Client

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