Womens Outdoor Workouts (& Online Sunrise Session)

  • Want to get fitter but not sure where to start?
  • Already active but need a little extra to boost your workouts?
  • Fed up with the gym?
  • Need accountability and a group of like-minded women?
  • Want the benefits of exercising outdoors?
  • Looking to get stronger and fitter?
  • Ready to move on from my postnatal specific sessions?
  • Nobody to look after your little one when you workout?

Our WOW sessions (Women’s Outdoor Workouts) are group classes designed to be fun, sociable, and welcoming to all women regardless of your current fitness level. We laugh a lot, and everyone is made to feel comfortable to work at their own pace. I'm here to deliver a feel-good 45 minutes to your week!

Come join us for a non-military, friendly, varied outdoor workout. Women of all ages and fitness levels come together to workout in the park, and your kiddies (all ages) are welcome too.  Whilst these sessions are not postnatal-specific, you are very welcome to have a chat with me about joining with your baby, especially while I’m not running my postnatal classes. I offer many adaptations every week to accommodate all the different women in my class, and having worked with women aged 18-78 since 2008, you’ll always be in safe hands with me, whatever life-stage you’re at.

If outdoors isn’t your thing and / or you need your workout done and dusted first thing, then try the Sunrise session: A 45-minute online early morning workout, you can do from the comfort of your own home (on Zoom).

A typical 45 minute class will include:

  • Routine warm up to mobilise the body.
  • Main workout which might be done together as a group, or as a circuit, or in teams. We do a lot of bodyweight work, but also incorporate other kit: Resistance bands and kettlebells feature regularly, and sometimes I bring along skipping ropes, medicine balls, battling ropes, boxing gloves. Different options are always offered to cater for everyone.
  • Finisher: A short, intense blast to end the session.
  • Cool down and stretch off.

    Whilst I absolutely encourage everyone to challenge themselves and work hard, I also appreciate that everyone is starting from a different point, has a different background, and different goals. Lovefit’s WOW sessions are about encouraging women to get involved, but nobody will ever be pressured to do things that don’t feel right for them. My job is to support you in getting fitter, in a way that is safe and appropriate for YOU.


    Mondays 19:15-20:00 for 5 weeks only -
    10th June - 8th July @ Cottenham Rec 

    Tuesdays 06.30-07.15 "Sunrise Session" on Zoom (and recorded).

    Thursdays 09:15-10:00 @ Cottenham Rec
    **FORTNIGHTLY IN 2024 - see the TeamUp booking calendar for dates**

    Free parking at the rec, by the new village hall.  Meet on the field, near the village hall.

    Various packages available. See below. There is also a special membership specifically for the 5-week block of evenings when I run them. Next evening block will be 10th June - 8th July '24. Booking now open:

    One month membership


    • Perfect if your future plans are uncertain, but you want to get in as many sessions as you can now.
    • Unlimited attendance of any BEYOND sessions (barre, WOW, Sunrise)
    • Minimum one month (rolling monthly contract thereafter)

    Three month membership


    • Our most popular package! Three months to make this a part of your lifestyle.
    • Unlimited attendance of any BEYOND sessions (barre, WOW, Sunrise)
    • Three month contract (rolling monthly thereafter)

    Six month membership


    • Get the best value and the best results through long-term commitment.
    • Unlimited attendance of any BEYOND sessions (barre, WOW, Sunrise)
    • Six month contract (rolling monthly contract thereafter)

    Six month membership


    • Ideal for those looking to attend once a week, long term
    • Attend up to five BEYOND (barre, WOW, Sunrise) sessions per month
    • Six month contract (rolling monthly contract thereafter)

    Ten class pack


    • This is the best option for anyone hoping to attend once a week whilst allowing flexibility.
    • Ten BEYOND sessions (barre, WOW, Sunrise) valid for 6 months
    • One-off payment

    Ten days for a tenner


    • This is the package for you if you are new to Lovefit.
    • Ten days unlimited attendance of any BEYOND (barre, WOW, Sunrise) sessions
    • One-off payment (introductory offer)

    Now watch this!

    Common Questions


    When can I join?
    You can join at any time. We tend to increase the difficulty of the workouts throughout the month, so sessions at the start of the month tend to focus more on technique, and become more challenging by the end of the month. But different options will always be provided.


    What do I wear?
    Typical gym kit works best, but t-shirt and shorts / leggings will do the job.
    Good, supportive trainers and a sports bra are a must.
    In winter, I recommend layers: Base layer, t-shirt, hoody / fleece, waterproof coat, along with hat and gloves, all of which you can strip off as you warm up.


    What should I bring?
    Water to drink and an exercise mat (or towel or blanket) that you don’t mind getting a bit grubby or wet!


    I have a baby / toddler / child. Can they come too?
    Absolutely! Children of all ages are welcome. Babies either sit in their buggies or on a blanket, depending on the weather. Toddlers often join in. Older children might ride a bike or scooter, or go and play in the playground while mum works out.


    What happens when it rains?
    We get wet! Sessions go ahead in ALL weather. If it’s raining, we’re training – perhaps under the vague shelter of a tree! The only exception could be in the event of heavy snow or gales. Please dress for the weather, and make sure you have rain covers for buggies.


    Am I fit enough to join?
    If you’re still unsure, it’s probably because you’re wondering “Will I be out of my depth?” or “Am I too unfit?” The answer is “no” – not at all! We cater to all levels and can help you reach whatever goals you have. If you are completely new to exercise then we recommend joining at the start of the month when we focus more on technique, and when other new members are likely to be starting out too. However, it’s absolutely fine to join at any point. Remember we all have to start somewhere, and if you’re concerned about your fitness levels then we can absolutely help you to change that.


    Is this a bootcamp?
    The classes (formerly known as Bootcamps) were rebranded in September 2017 to better describe what these sessions are all about. The video above explains a little more about the changes, and what we do for women.
    Note: This is NOT a military style session (hence the move away from calling it bootcamp). There’s no yelling and pushing you until you throw up (or injure yourself), rather the sessions work on supporting you to be the best you can be and help you get stronger and fitter over the weeks.


    Can I do a taster session first?
    I no longer offer taster sessions and you can watch this video to find out why.
    There are a variety of packages to suit different needs, and I’m confident you’ll find one to suit you. Do take a look at our testimonials to see what other ladies have said about Lovefit WOW.


    There are lots of different memberships. Which one is right for me?
    I wanted to offer various packages to suit different budgets and requirements.


    • If you are new to Lovefit, the £10 NEWBIE membership is a great way to get a feel for what WOW is all about. 
    • If you are just looking to attend one of my 5-week summer evening blocks, there will always be a £45 membership available specifically for those sessions. 
    • If you’re aiming to come more regularly, even if that means you might only make 5-6 classes a month, then the GOLD (unlimited 6 month direct debit) offers the best value for money.


    How do I sign up?
    All class bookings and memberships are now managed via our online system HERE. If you are new to Lovefit, or haven’t attended recently, you’ll need to create an account, and answer some health screening questions before you can make a purchase. You can then set up a recurring monthly payment for ease, or can buy class packs if that’s your preference. Once you have chosen your membership you simply book into the classes you wish to attend.

    Amber makes each session great fun and there is a lovely camaraderie, plus it’s a good workout no matter what your fitness level. My pre-schooler runs around and plays with his friends, or joins in with us, while my baby sits and plays on his mat or naps in his buggy. I’ve really appreciated all of Amber’s expertise regarding training, injury and nutrition, too. Emily

    WOW Client

    I moved to Waterbeach 6 years ago and wanted to join a ladies outdoor exercise class, having done something similar in Cambridge. I enjoy being outside in the fresh air. Your classes came highly recommended and I have been attending WOW ever since. The classes are challenging but loads of fun and I’ve made some good friends! Natalie

    WOW Client

    For me, it’s the perfect antidote to sitting indoors at work all day.

    It’s a laugh, it’s as challenging as I make it, and it always makes me happy, whatever the weather. Eleanor

    WOW Client

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    HELLO, my name is amber… mum to Milo and owner of Lovefit. Thanks for stopping by! If you’re a woman at any life stage, I can help you to feel your best. From friendly group sessions, to personalised 1-1 training, Lovefit offers support, passion, and a wealth of experience. Don’t worry ladies – I’ve got your back (and core, and pelvic floor)!

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