It’s December 1st!  That means several things:

1. I am bridesmaid today for a dear friend.
2. The countdown for Christmas has truly begun.
3. There are precisely 31 days until 2013 is upon us.

With that last point in mind, many people are starting to think about what they’re going to differently next year. I’ve already had lots of requests for extra sessions in January from clients and boot campers, and people asking about my Four Week Fat Attack online programme.

We typically make new year’s resolutions in December but with no intention of doing anything about them until some point in January, and for 90% of people those resolutions centre around health and fitness: “I’ll eat better, I’ll go to the gym more, I’ll lose weight.”

But how do we quantify those goals? Let’s look at them one at a time:

– What does eating “better” look like to you? Start by experimenting with new, exciting foods. Resolve to try one new recipe a week. Friends of mine do a lucky dip world recipe every week, where they work through countries of the world and every Tuesday evening they cook a dish from the country of the week (they just do a little research online and hey presto).

-Do you actually enjoy the gym? If not, going “more” seems an unlikely reality. Perhaps take up a new sport instead, or join a local Bootcamp for some extra camaraderie and support.

– And have you resolved to “lose weight” every January since you can remember? You’re not alone! Maybe this is the year to ditch the scales for good and start focussing on how you look and, more importantly, how you feel.

My major gripe with new year’s resolutions is that we tend to make the same ones over and over. So why would 2013 be any different? After all, December is all about blowing out anyway, and then dealing with the consequences in January, right? Wrong! Imagine if you started next year already feeling fitter, stronger, healthier than you were today. Imagine if you didn’t sit there on new years day, devouring the last few slices of Christmas cake and the dregs of Baileys. Instead you wake up and feel GREAT!

I bet you’re thinking that I’m about to suggest you join a gym right now, or forego every Xmas treat in order to get ahead of the curve? Wrong again! Nobody wants to spend December watching everyone else get sozzled while you clutch a mug of herbal tea (although a nice cup of peppermint tea feels remarkably good after Christmas dinner)! But I do think it’s worth getting ahead of the curve. So take note of those “New Years” Resolutions and get going now! Not tomorrow, now! I challenge you to find a new recipe and cook it this weekend, to work out what exercise you actually enjoy and then do it, and to respect and be grateful to your body for everything it does for you.

Here’s a piece I wrote on surviving the festive season.  So now there are no excuses not to get cracking on those DECEMBER resolutions 🙂