I’m always being asked what I eat.  People are bizarrely interested (or perhaps not so bizarre, really) in the diet of a fitness coach.  Especially now I’m a mum!

So I felt compelled to write this blog, detailing my evening meals from last week, to shed some light on what Mrs Lovefit consumes.

The simple answer is “food.”  Real food, most of the time.

Do I eat healthily?  Yes, good nutrition is a priority and about 80% of my food is organic.  It’s where I choose to spend money.

Do I eat clean?  Whatever “clean” really means, I suppose I eat fairly clean, but you’ll see from the below that I’m by no means 100% wheat and dairy free because I can tolerate these foods in small amounts.

Do I consume sweet things and takeaways?  Hell yeah!  Sometimes we order a takeaway.  Quite often we eat out.  And I love chocolate, puddings and anything sweet.  I’m fine with that because my food intake is predominantly healthy and my recent discovery of Magnum double peanut butter (!) isn’t going to send me into a crazy sugar binge, or a diet that consists of daily pizza and ice cream.

For me, that’s what it all boils down to:  Knowing yourself, knowing your body, and eating foods that make you feel good.  Nothing more complicated than that.

I love the taste of confectionary and cake, but if I ate it every day I’d feel sluggish and bloated and lethargic.  So I save it for occasions when I’m out (either visiting someone or having a meal out), rather than adding it to my weekly shop.  And when I do get the urge to indulge, I usually just go with it – shock horror!

I can’t be doing with food guilt.  Life’s too short.  It’s also too short for eating crap, so we base our family meals around good quality, nutrient dense food.  That being said, you will find the odd wine bottle and green and blacks wrapper in our recycling, and I have been known to drive to bootcamp nomming away on a bag of kettle chips 🙂

Here’s what the past week of evening meals looked like in the Brammah household (and I’ve linked to a couple of recipes, because I’m nice like that):

SUNDAY – Pork mince with chinese leaf (we use a similar recipe to this, without the beans)

MONDAY – Pitta pockets (V)

TUESDAY – Roast: Chicken, potatoes, tenderstem broccoli, carrots, peas, homemade gravy.

WEDNESDAY – Stew to use up leftover veg from last night, including some ancient celery I found in the bottom of the fridge! (V)

THURSDAY – Dal and paratha (V)

FRIDAY – Moroccan lamb with cous cous, chickpeas, carrot, aubergine and harissa

SATURDAY – Thai takeaway: Beef massaman curry, chicken and garlic, coconut rice, beancurd pad thai.

SUNDAY –  Veggie (green lentils, green pepper, kidney beans, courgette) chilli and brown rice (V)

I should add that I am VERY lucky that my husband does pretty much all of the cooking.  I work most evenings so he usually cooks while I’m out and we eat late together when I’m home.  Funnily enough he was home every night last week, which is rare.  Usually there’s at least one omelette and one lot of leftovers in my week!